Leveraging Hardware Caches for Memoization

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    Guowei Zhang (MIT), Daniel Sanchez (MIT)
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    2384.007 (University of Michigan)


Memoization improves performance and saves energy by caching and reusing the outputs of repetitive computations. Prior work has proposed software and hardware memoization techniques, but both have significant drawbacks. Software memoization suffers from high runtime overheads, and is thus limited to long computations. Conventional hardware memoization techniques achieve low overheads and can memoize short functions, but they rely on large, special-purpose memoization caches that waste significant area and energy.

We propose MCACHE, a hardware technique that leverages data caches for memoization. MCACHE stores memoization tables in memory, and allows them to share cache capacity with normal program data. MCACHE introduces ISA and pipeline extensions to accelerate memoization operations, bridging the gap between software and conventional hardware techniques. Simulation results show that MCACHE improves performance by up to 21×, outperforms software memoization by up to 2.2×, and achieves similar or superior performance over conventional hardware techniques without any dedicated storage.

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