SRC Connections at 2021 GOMACTech


SRC Connections at 2021 GOMACTech

Dr. H.-S. Philip Wong, StanfordDr. H.-S. Philip Wong, Stanford

Prof. H.-S. Philip Wong, Stanford University will give a presentation titled “Semiconductor Technology: The future is System Integration” related to his SRC JUMP Task 2776.072​

Paper 7.2

Title: Modeling Microfluidic Cooling with HotSpot
Authors: Kevin Skadron (Univ. of Virginia), Mircea R. Stan (Univ. of Virginia)
Tasks: JUMP 2780.003

Paper 7.4

Title: Segmented Power Delivery and Thermal Management for Heterogenous Wafer-scal Systems
Authors: Kannan Kalappurakal Thankappan (UCLA), Subramanian S. Iyer (UCLA), Ujash Shah (UCLA), Timothy S. Fisher, (UCLA)
Tasks: JUMP 2776.055

Paper 8.1

Title: Digital-based Processing In-Memory for Acceleration of Unsupervised Learning
Authors: Mohsen Imani (UC/Irvine), Saransh Gupta (UC/San Diego), Yeseong Kim (DGIST), Tajana S. Rosing (UC/San Diego
Tasks: AIHW 2988.001

Paper 8.2

Title: Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional Computing for Robust and Real-Time Learning
Authors: Alejandro Hernandez-Cano (UC/Irvine), Namiko Matsumoto (UC/San Diego), Eric Ping (UC/San Diego), Mohsen Imani (UC/Irvine)
Tasks: 2988.001

Paper 8.4

Title: Synchronous Unsupervised STDP Learning with Stochastic STT-MRAM Switching
Authors: Peng Zhou (UT/Dallas), Julie Smith (UT/Dallas), Laura Deremo (TI), Stephen K. Heinrich-Barna (TI), Joseph S. Friedman (UT/Dallas)​
Tasks: AMS-CSD 2810.030

Poster 42.2

Title: SecureHD: A Framework for Collaborative Learning in Secure High-Dimensional Space​
Authors: Mohsen Imani (UC/Irvine), Yeseong Kim (DGIST), Mohammad Sadegh Riazi (UC/San Diego), Farinaz Koushanfar (UC/San Diego), Tajana S. Rosing (UC/San Diego)​
Tasks: AIHW 2988.001

Poster 43.5

Title: Microwave Performance of Ferroelectric-Gated GaN HEMTs for RF Switch Applications​
Authors: MChunlei Wu (ND), Benjamin Grisafe (Northrop Grumman), Suman Datta (ND), Patrick Fay (ND)​
Tasks: JUMP 2776.0272776.028

Poster 44.9

Title: Accelerating Snort Regular Expressions on FPGAs with Decomposed Automata
Authors: Tommy J. Tracy (UVA), Kevin Skadron (UVA)​
Tasks: JUMP 2780.026

Poster 47.2

Title: Reliability Considerations for Wafer Scale Systems​
Authors: Niloofar Shakoorzadeh (UCLA), Subramanian S. Iyer (UCLA)
Tasks: JUMP 2776.024

Poster 47.3

Title: An On-chip ESD Sensor for Dielet-based Heterogeneous Integration
Authors: Kannan Kalappurakal thankappan (UCLA), Boris Vaisband (UCLA), Subramanian S. Iyer (UCLA)​
Tasks: JUMP 2776.024

Poster 47.4

Title: Signal and Power Delivery using Flexible, High-Speed Connectors and Segmented PCBs for System-on-Wafer Applications
Authors: Randall Irwin (UCLA), Subramanian S. Iyer (UCLA)​
Tasks: JUMP 2776.025

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