ASPLOS’21 Contributions from the SRC Community


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In addition to the SRC researchers featured below, SRC community members are involved with ASPLOS in several other ways. Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford) is presenting on the “Ask a Program Chair” panel, a great opportunity to speak directly with the 2021 ASPLOS Program Chairs. And Viji Srinivasan (IBM), Joel Emer (MIT), and Yasuko Eckert (AMD) will be staffing the virtual CARES table during the conference. “CARES members encourage everyone in attendance to broaden their networks and be accessible to our diverse community of scholars.” ​

Paper #8 PMFuzz: Test Case Generation for Persistent Memory Programs
Sihang Liu (UVA), Suyash Mahar (UC San Diego/IIT Roorkee), Baishakhi Ray (Columbia), Samira Khan (UVA)
SRC JUMP Task 2780.009

Paper #28 VeGen: A Vectorizer Generator for SIMD and Beyond
Yishen Chen, Charith Mendis, Michael Carbin, Saman Amarasinghe (MIT)
SRC JUMP Task 2775.001

Paper #59 Dagger: Efficient and Fast RPCs for Cloud Microservices with Near-Memory Reconfigurable NICs
Nikita Lazarev, Shaojie Xiang, Neil Adit, Zhiru Zhang, Christina Delimitrou (Cornell)
SRC JUMP Task 2780.026; 2780.027

Paper #62 Statistical Robustness of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Accelerators
Xiangyu Zhang, Ramin Bashizade, Yicheng Wang, Sayan Mukherjee, Alvin R. Lebeck (Duke)
SRC AIHW Task 2935.001

Paper #171 Corundum: Statically-Enforced Persistent Memory Safety
Morteza Hoseinzadeh, Steven Swanson (UC San Diego)
SRC JUMP Task 2780.006; 2780.007; 2780.009; 2780.014

Paper #476 Clobber-NVM: Log Less, Re-execute More
Yi Xu (UC San Diego), Joseph Izraelevitz (UC Boulder), Steven Swanson (UC San Diego)
SRC JUMP Task 2780.007; 2780.009

Paper #515 Judging a Type by its Pointer: Optimizing GPU Virtual Functions
Mengchi Zhang, Ahmad Alawneh, Timothy G. Rogers (Purdue)
SRC JUMP Task 2775.003; 2775.008

Paper #548 HERQULES: Securing Programs via Hardware-Enforced Message Queues
Daming Chen (CMU), Wen Shih Lim (unaffiliated), Mohammad Bakhshalipour, Phillip Gibbons, James C. Hoe, Bryan Parno (CMU)
SRC JUMP Task 2779.008

Paper #744 Streamline: A Fast, Flushless Cache Covert-Channel Attack by Enabling Asynchronous Collusion
Gururaj Saileshwar (Georgia Tech), Christopher Fletcher (UIUC), Moinuddin Qureshi (Georgia Tech)
SRC JUMP Task 2780.010

Paper #926 SIMDRAM: A Framework for Bit-Serial SIMD Processing Using DRAM
Nastaran Hajinazar (Simon Fraser University), Geraldo Francisco de Oliveira Junior, Sven Gregorio, João Ferreira, Nika Mansouri Ghiasi, Minesh Patel, Mohammed Alser (ETH Zurich), Saugata Ghose (UIUC/CMU), Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich)
SRC AIHW Task 2946.001

Paper #1455 RecSSD: Near Data Processing for Solid State Drive Based Recommendation Inference
Mark Wilkening, Udit Gupta, Samuel Hsia (Harvard University), Caroline Trippel (Facebook), Carole-Jean Wu (Facebook/ASU), David Brooks, Gu-Yeon Wei (Harvard University)
SRC JUMP Task 2775.010; 2775.016


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