Connecting innovators at International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2022


SRC Connections at 2022 ISSCC

Forum 3

Title: ICs and Transceiver Module Design for 100-300GHz Wireless
Authors: Mark Rodwell (UC Santa Barbara)
Tasks: SRC ComSenTer Tasks 2778.008, 2778.026, 2778.040, 2778.041, 2778.046

Paper 13.7

Title: Energy Minimization of Duty-Cycled Systems Through Optimal Stored-Energy  Recycling from Idle Domains
Authors: C-H. Huang (Univ. of Washington), A. Mandal (Univ. of Washington), D. Peña-Colaiocco (Univ. of Washington), E. Pereira Da Silva (NXP Semiconductors), V. Sathe (Univ. of Washington)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.035

Paper 14.4

Title: A 2.5−5MHz 87% Peak Efficiency 48V-to-1V Integrated Hybrid DC-DC Converter Adopting Ladder SC Network with Capacitor Assisted Dual Inductor Filtering
Authors: C. Chen (UT-Dallas), J. Liu (UT-Dallas), H. Lee (UT-Dallas)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.075

Paper 16.1

Title: DIMC: 2219TOPS/W, 2569F2/bit, Digital In-Memory Computing Macro in 28nm based on Approximate Arithmetic Hardware
Authors: Mingoo Seok (Columbia)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.034

Paper 16.2

Title: A 40nm 64kb 26.56TOPS/W 2.37Mb/mm2 RRAM Binary/Compute-in-Memory Macro with 4.23× Improvement in Density and >75% Use of Sensing Dynamic Range
Authors: Samuel Spetalnick (Georgia Tech), Muya Chang (Georgia Tech), Brian A. Crafton (Georgia Tech), Win-San Khwa (TSMC), Yu-Der Chih (TSMC), Meng-Fan Chang (TSMC), Arijit Raychowdhury (Georgia Tech)
Tasks: SRC ASCENT Task 2776.079, SRC CBRIC Tasks 2777.004 , 2777.005

Paper 16.3 / Demo Session 2

Title: A 40nm 60.64TOPS/W ECC-Capable Compute-in- Memory/Digital 2.25MB/768KB RRAM/SRAM System with Embedded Cortex M3 Microprocessor for Edge Recommendation Systems
Authors: Muya Chang (Georgia Tech), Samuel Spetalnick (Georgia Tech), Brian A. Crafton (Georgia Tech), Win-San Khwa (TSMC), Yu-Der Chih (TSMC), Meng-Fan Chang (TSMC), Arijit Raychowdhury (Georgia Tech)
Tasks: SRC CBRIC Task 2777.005

Paper 18.4

Title: A Monolithic 3:1 Resonant Dickson Converter with Variable Regulation and Magnetic-Based Zero-Current Detection and Autotuning
Authors: Prescott McLaughlin (Dartmouth), Jason T. Stauth (Dartmouth)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.040

Paper 25.3

Title: A 0.0375mm2 203.5μW 108.8dB DR DT Single-Loop DSM Audio ADC Using a Single- Ended Ring-Amplifier-Based Integrator in 180nm CMOS
Authors: C. Y. Lee (OSU), U-K. Moon (OSU)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.037

Paper 32.5

Title: A Multimode 157μW 4-Channel 80dBA-SNDR Speech-Recognition Frontend with Self-DOA Correction Adaptive Beamformer
Authors: T. Kang (University of Michigan), S. Lee (University of Michigan), S. Song (University of Michigan), M. R. Haghighat (Intel), M. P. Flynn (University of Michigan)
Tasks: SRC AMS-CSD Task 2810.060

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