Automotive Electronics

John Oakley, Director
"Enable the evolutionary transition from driver assistance to fully autonomous vehicles"


The transformation of automobiles into safe, dependable, autonomous vehicles has already started with the increasing availability and capabilities of advanced driver-assistance systems today. The Auto research program attempts to identify and define the technology required to enable the revolutionary transition from driver assistance to fully autonomous vehicles. In particular autonomous vehicles need to be better than their human counterparts in perceiving and understanding their environment, making the appropriate decisions, as well as, remaining safe and dependable in all driving conditions. To make this dream a reality, this program targets orders of magnitude improvements in perception, environmental learning, dependability, safety, power and cost.


Research Focus

  • Advanced Reasoning and Learning
  • Robust security of systems, components, and networks
  • Multimodal fusion to substantially improve performance over conventional object-level fusion, where each modality contributes an independent detection result
  • Communications
  • High Dependability

AutoElec Metrics

  1. Current

    9 Research Tasks
    10 Universities
    15 Students
    15 Faculty Researchers
    19 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    9 Task Starts
    11 Research Publications
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