Energy Research Initiative

ERI focuses the world's best researchers on a key challenge of the 21st century—clean, affordable and reliable energy.

Purdue University Photovoltaic Research Center

A multi-university Photovoltaic Research Center at Purdue University is addressing the performance, cost, reliability and manufacturing challenges of photovoltaic technologies. The center will leverage Purdue’s extensive modeling/simulation expertise and national Network for Computational Nanotechnology framework to provide enabling analytical models and simulation tools for photovoltaic manufacturers, much as Purdue has done for the semiconductor industry. » More

Energy Storage & Power Electronics Center

The distributed center for Energy Storage and Power Electronics (ESPE) leverages a network of researchers at different universities involved in energy-related research, ranging from new electrical energy storage devices and power management to the novel sensors and power control devices that will be needed to enable more energy efficient and "smart" electrical energy transmission on both small (homes, buildings, microgrids) and large scales (overall electric utility grid). » More

Historical Center

Carnegie Mellon Smart Grid Research Center

A multi-university Smart Grid Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University is working to support the incorporation of renewable energy resources and provide the modeling, simulation and control tools needed to manage, optimize and secure the power grid. The center will develop the dynamic monitoring and decision systems (DYMONDS) required to create a new paradigm for the electricity infrastructure. In addition, personal energy systems will be enabled, providing individuals and organizations choices and flexibility in their use of energy. » More

ERI Metrics

  1. Current

    13 Students
  2. This Year

    19 Research Publications
    1 Patents Granted
  3. Last Year

    34 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
  4. Since Inception

    7 Contracts
    18 Research Tasks
    7 Universities
    41 Students
    15 Faculty Researchers
    16 Industry Liaison Personnel
    340 Research Publications
    6 Patent Applications
    1 Patents Granted
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