About Energy Research Initiative

ERI focuses the world’s best researchers on a key challenge of the 21st century—clean, affordable and reliable energy.

Seeking Tomorrow's Smart Energy Solutions

As industries and governments around the globe seek out clean, reliable, low-cost and efficient electrical energy systems, SRC is also applying its proven model of pre-competitive collaborative research toward these vital efforts. SRC’s Energy Research Initiative (ERI) program forges a university-industry partnership designed to address the world's need for alternative approaches to electrical energy generation, storage, distribution and infrastructure.

ERI will initially focus on two key enabling technologies for alternative energy generation and efficient energy distribution: photovoltaics and smart grid. Initial research will address the need for new modeling and simulation tools to support the development of improved photovoltaic devices as well as the development of systems and technologies to enable an efficient, reliable and secure smart grid electricity infrastructure. SRC recognizes that the development of these capabilities is a pre-competitive activity beyond the scale of a single company or even industry, and is an effort that will have broad benefits.