Network for Photovoltaic Technology


The Network for Photovoltaic Technology (NPT) has a mission to broadly address challenges in photovoltaic technology—from material synthesis and device processing, device physics and modeling, material/device characterization, to reliability and module-level performance. Theory, modeling, and simulation play an integrating role in the NPT by embedding insights and understanding gained in experimental research into broadly applicable simulation capabilities. The NPT is being launched by a core team at Purdue University and with a focus on modeling and simulation and driven by an initial set of projects defined by the needs of the founding members. A close partnership with the Purdue-led, NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology supports the NPT and provides a forum for engaging universities in the U.S. and overseas. Technology transfer via students entering the PV industry and though education, training, and knowledge transfer via on-site meetings and through the NCN's science gateway, are important parts of the NPT mission. The NPT is currently in a launch phase during which the industrial membership and university partnerships are being expanded.

The NPT is designed to be a unique venue for industry-directed, university research. The philosophy is to develop broadly applicable, technology agnostic solutions by solving technology-specific problems. The goal is to embed the understanding gained in such research in end-to-end modeling capabilities that includes process, device, characterization, reliability, and systems. The NPT aims to become an international center of gravity for PV research that connects islands of excellence that engage physicists, chemists, materials scientists, and electrical engineers in industry and universities. NPT will also provide a global forum for industry-university dialog, and it will provide an exceptional, industry-relevant experience for students.

Research Focus

  • Materials and Processes
  • Device Modeling
  • Characterization for Predictive Modeling
  • Physics-based Reliability
  • PV Systems
  • Software Platform

Center Management

Principal Investigator

Mark Lundstrom / Purdue University

University Contacts

M. Ashraf Alam / Purdue University

George Adams / Network for Computational Nanotechnology

Administrative Assistant

Vicki Johnson / Network for Computational Nanotechnology

Legacy Content

SRC's Energy Research Initiative (ERI) ended on 2015-12-31.

NPT Metrics

  1. Since Inception

    6 Research Tasks
    1 Universities
    20 Students
    4 Faculty Researchers
    6 Liaison Personnel
    182 Research Publications
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