Smart Grid Research Center


The mission of the Carnegie Mellon Smart Grid Research Center (SGRC) is to develop an Information Communications Technology (ICT)-enabled framework for Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DYMONDS) in support of a sustainable evolution and re-engineering of today’s electric power system into future generations of energy systems. These next generation systems will be capable of meeting dynamically evolving complex tradeoffs between economics and societal and energy service user needs in both the short-term and very long-term.

The ICT-enabled tools will support flexible on-line interactions across the industry according to two fundamental principles: (P1) Enabling sufficient autonomy to the particular (groups of) stakeholders to pursue their own objectives while taking into consideration interactions with the others; and, (P2) Utilizing the output based on the decision making by the particular (groups of ) stakeholders for effective aggregation and management of larger (groups of) stakeholders toward achieving goals of interest to these larger groups, and, ultimately, to the system as a whole.

Research Focus

SGRC is currently addressing the following key research tasks:

  • Adaptive Load Management (ALM) – This research will develop an economic model (software simulation/tools) and decision making strategies (algorithms and software implementation) for load aggregators which comprehend uncertainty in supply/demand and incorporate adaptive load management.
  • Dynamics and Control of Smart Grids: Combined Effects of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), Dynamic Line Rating Units (DLRs) and System Dispatch – This research will introduce novel concepts for modeling system dynamics driven by novel dispatch supported by fast and accurate measurements and sensors. The emphasis is on understanding the dynamics and control needed for ensuring that such systems do not experience instability.
  • Nonlinear Control of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) for Transient Stabilization – This research will demonstrate use of nonlinear control of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) to transiently stabilize the response of complex power networks during major equipment failures.
  • Pushing the Limits to Computing: Managing Resources in a Reliable and Efficient Way in Large-Scale Electric Power Grids – This research will introduce a new computational framework to managing energy resources in which inter-temporal and inter-spatial dependencies are critical for both making the system reliable and efficient.
  • Optimal Usage of Transmission Capacity using Power Flow Control Devices – This research will provide methods for using existing transmission system capacity in a more flexible and optimized way to enable integration of significant variable energy generation resources.
  • Smart Grid Privacy Through Secure Multiparty Computation – This research will investigate the applicability of secure multi-party computation as a fundamental tool for preserving the privacy of smart grid users.

Center Management

Principal Investigator

Dr. Marija Ilic, Professor ECE and EPP

Administrative Assistant

Claire Bauerle

Legacy Content

SRC's Energy Research Initiative (ERI) ended on 2015-12-31.

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