Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits, Systems, and Devices

David Yeh, Director

Creating fundamental innovations in analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems across a broad range of applications, including traditional information processing as well as newer areas of emphasis—such as automotive, industrial, and medical.


This research extends the frontiers of analog/mixed-signal/RF design and technology by creating fundamental innovations in integrated circuits and systems that improve energy efficiency, health care, public safety, and security.

The emphasis is on circuit design, with a connection to adjacent research spaces.

Research Focus

Circuit design in areas including:

  • power management
  • I/O
  • mm-wave
  • data conversion
  • energy harvesting
  • motor drive
  • sensors (such as temperature, bio-signals, and DNA)

Compact models for analog/mixed-signal/RF/MEMS devices

Analog/mixed-signal devices

AMS-CSD Metrics

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