Environment, Safety, and Health

Kwok Ng, Director

Exploration of greener material and process pathways is critically important in enabling environmentally friendly
and sustainable manufacturing solutions for future semiconductor devices.


Research in the Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) Thrust supports an overall mission of enabling sustainability and environmentally benign processing in integrated-circuit manufacturing. The SRC Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (EBSM) provides overall coordination and leveraged university/government support for our ESH research program, as well as an opportunity for additional teaming with companies and government agencies involved in ESH activities. SRC-supported ESH research also serves an important role in educating and preparing students for careers in environmental engineering for the semiconductor industry.

Research Focus

The two major research focus areas in the ESH Thrust are: (1) development of new ESH characterization, screening, handling, and abatement methods for new materials and processes, and (2) exploration of ESH preferable manufacturing options using green chemistries and sustainable materials. Research activities within these two focus areas address the critical ESH research needs for the semiconductor industry and include the following topics: (a) nanomaterial occupational safety and health, (b) nanomaterial environmental discharges, (c) energetic materials characterization, handling, and safety, (d) ESH enablement of III-V materials and processes, and (e) chemical behavior characterization and predictive modeling for relevant semiconductor chemicals and materials.

ESH Metrics

  1. Current

    5 Research Tasks
    5 Universities
    12 Students
    11 Faculty Researchers
    1 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    5 Research Publications
  3. Last Year

    51 Research Publications
  4. Since Inception

    15 Research Tasks
    10 Universities
    49 Students
    30 Faculty Researchers
    12 Liaison Personnel
    182 Research Publications
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