Hardware Security

John Oakley, Director

Focusing on tools, techniques, and strategies for the design and manufacture of trustworthy chips and systems.


The growing scale and complexity of information networks and embedded systems, and our increasing reliance upon them, are accompanied by challenges and risks.  Are the networks and systems on which we depend trustworthy and secure?  Are they resistant to unintended access, tampering and counterfeiting?

The Hardware Security Research Program is focused on developing strategies, techniques, and tools to provide assurance that electronic systems will perform as intended. Such assurance is a function of processes and tools integrated across all steps of design, manufacture, and distribution.  In order to build a technological foundation that business and government can use to make systems that are trustworthy and secure, there is a need for fundamental, multidisciplinary research that spans architecture, design and manufacture. 

The Hardware Security Research Program is an industry consortium that partners with government agencies to fund university research — building and coordinating an academic network, generating new ideas and understanding, and providing a pipeline of relevantly educated talent. Member companies set the research agenda and get early and easy access to research and researchers, while leveraging their investment.

For more information, please contact John Oakley.

Research Focus

  • Handling for Dynamics Created by Future Artificial Intelligence devices
  • Real-time Attack Awareness and Mitigation Strategies
  • Security Metrics and Hardware Security Properties
  • Taxonomy of Security Attacks/Flaws (like side channels)
  • Counterfeit Detection and Avoidance
  • Enabling Security by Design
  • Security Verification and Validation

T3S is now Hardware Security

  1. The Hardware Security Research Program was rebranded in 2020 from Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems (T3S) to better match industry member interest. The original NSF joint workshop report which launched this program can be found here from 2013.

Metric data displayed below is accurate through December 13, 2022. We appreciate your patience as we look to upgrade our reporting system and continue to provide ways for you to measure the success of your investments.

HWS Metrics

  1. Last Year

    7 Task Starts
    177 Research Publications
    7 Patent Applications
  2. Since Inception

    103 Research Tasks
    60 Universities
    257 Students
    121 Faculty Researchers
    151 Liaison Personnel
    1,255 Research Publications
    33 Patent Applications
    12 Patents Granted
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