Innovative and Intelligent Internet of Things

R. Scott List, Director

This research enables breakthrough technologies for the next generation of intelligent, connected,
and autonomous devices.


I3T will focus on four strategic areas:

  • energy-constrained computation and connectivity
  • sensing and actuation
  • autonomous energy sources and management
  • integration and packaging

Research Focus

In energy-constrained computation and connectivity, subtopics of interest include:

  • Ultra low power and energy/application proportional computation devices, circuits and architectures e.g. neuromorphic architectures, non-volatile compute memory
  • Clock synchronization e.g.  low power circuits to enable precise clock synchronization between base station and cognitive radios on wearable devices.  Novel, low form factor, low phase noise, temperature compensated resonators for distributed clocks.
  • Ultra low power device technologies to complement and provide functionality beyond advanced/post CMOS
  • Energy efficient architectures and algorithms for networked data and computing infrastructure (i.e. the "Cloud")
  • Low power wireless connectivity, networks and protocols for energy constrained and remote nodes

In sensing and actuation, subtopics of interest include:

  • Novel sensing principles, materials and devices
  • Bio, chemical, environmental, image, gesture, motion sensing
  • Ultra low power data conversion, signal processing, actuators, drivers, interfaces

In autonomous energy sources and management, subtopics of interest include:

  • Energy harvesting devices, materials
  • Energy conversion, storage and management

In integration and packaging, subtopics of interest include:

  • Novel packaging and interconnect to achieve miniaturized form factors for end devices
  • Integration and testing of heterogeneous technologies

I3T Metrics

  1. Current

    16 Research Tasks
    11 Universities
    41 Students
    23 Faculty Researchers
    29 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    1 Task Starts
    16 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
  3. Last Year

    2 Task Starts
    123 Research Publications
    4 Patent Applications
  4. Since Inception

    23 Research Tasks
    15 Universities
    86 Students
    38 Faculty Researchers
    73 Liaison Personnel
    390 Research Publications
    19 Patent Applications
    3 Patents Granted
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