Logic and Memory Devices

Kwok Ng, Director



The Logic and Memory Devices (LMD) Thrust acquires scientific knowledge and innovation in logic and memory devices, required for optimum IC performance in speed, density, and power. It is also the goal to train highly skilled graduates to prepare for their careers to enrich the semiconductor industry.

Research Focus

Topics of interest, aiming at evolutionary and revolutionary scientific advancement, include all aspects of logic and memory devices: device design, process technology, characterization, numerical simulation, compact modeling, and reliability. The research is organized into the following two subthrust areas.

Logic Devices and Modeling

This subthrust focuses on programs that address advanced device structures to extend CMOS technology to and beyond the 5-nm technology node. Topics of interest include: (1) alternate channel materials and gate dielectrics for MOSFETs, (2) reduction of device parasitics such as series resistance, (3) emerging device concepts beyond MOSFETs, (4) predictive numerical simulation to provide physical insights into new materials, devices, and physical phenomena, and (5) compact modeling.

Memory Devices and Modeling

This subthrust explores new material and device ideas and technologies for nonvolatile memory cells, to keep pace in density scaling. Main focus is on two-terminal, non-charge-storage type of cells, with attention for multi-bit performance. Efficient selection device is also needed for cross-point array. Revolutionary solutions for DRAM and SRAM replacements are also sought after. Numerical simulation and compact modeling for memory devices are also of interest.

LMD Metrics

  1. Current

    6 Research Tasks
    7 Universities
    16 Students
    11 Faculty Researchers
    35 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    5 Research Publications
  3. Last Year

    6 Task Starts
    77 Research Publications
  4. Since Inception

    33 Research Tasks
    27 Universities
    99 Students
    44 Faculty Researchers
    73 Liaison Personnel
    434 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
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