Scott List, Senior Director

Focusing on advanced packaging solutions for high performance computing, Internet of Things,
and extreme environment applications.


The application drivers for Packaging technologies have evolved significantly as computing devices continue to evolve along a few emerging market vectors:

  • Small, flexible, light, easy-to-use interconnected consumer devices continue to be broadly accepted
  • Cloud based computing, that requires high compute density in Data centers and Servers, continues to become increasingly important
  • Embedded computing that offers greater degree of control in various applications (automotive, commercial and space) grows in scope

In addition, 'green' high performance computing, ergonomic and form factor-challenged mobile applications, new wearable devices & IoT (Internet of Things) applications, and extreme operating environment applications, are all driving new and unique packaging research needs.

Research Focus

The Packaging thrust focuses on research that addresses emerging application needs for packaging in these areas:

  • high performance global interconnects
  • high efficiency power delivery
  • thermal management
  • new materials and interfaces
  • increased system-level
  • heterogeneous component integration
  • enhanced reliability including within extreme environments
  • radical new concepts for packaging and the package on-chip interconnect sub-system

Member's Corner

  1. High I/O Bandwidth Density Packaging Research Needs – authored by Dr. Ravi Mahajan, et al.

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