Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing

Mark Rodwell (UC/Santa Barbara), Center Director

ComSenTer will develop the technologies for a future cellular infrastructure using hubs with massive spatial multiplexing, providing 1-100Gb/s to the end user, and, with 100-1000 simultaneous independently-modulated beams, aggregate hubs capacities in the 10's of Tb/s. Backhaul for this future cellular infrastructure will be a mix of optical links and Tb/s-capacity point-point massive MIMO links. These mobile links will support cm-precision localization, supplementing GPS, and will use imaging techniques to locate communications partners. This intelligent immersive infrastructure will support low-latency virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and seamless telepresence. The Center seeks to drive a revolution in transportation, supporting autonomous vehicles and intelligent highways. Wideband inter-car links will communicate data and measure vehicle locations to cm-precision; these will anticipate and manage interactions, and avoid collisions. Unparalleled high resolution imaging, compact enough to fit on a car, will let drivers see through extreme fog and rain as well as our eyes can on a clear day, while low-cost, lightweight “whisper radios” will replace wire harnesses in vehicles.

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