Current JUMP Participating Universities and Faculty

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University Faculty (Links to Research)
Arizona State University Cao, Yu
Arizona State University Seo, Jae-sun
Carnegie Mellon University Harrison, Chris
Carnegie Mellon University Lucia, Brandon
Carnegie Mellon University Parno, Bryan
Carnegie Mellon University Sekar, Vyas
Carnegie Mellon University Smith, Virginia
Carnegie Mellon University Rowe, Anthony
Carnegie Mellon University Hoe, James C.
Columbia University Krishnaswamy, Harish
Cornell University Schlom, Darrell G.
Cornell University Batten, Christopher
Cornell University Molnar, Alyosha
Cornell University Martinez, Jose
Cornell University Sampson, Adrian
Cornell University Studer, Christoph
Cornell University Ralph, Daniel C.
Cornell University Zhang, Zhiru
Cornell University Xing, Huili
Cornell University Jena, Debdeep
Georgia Institute of Technology Raychowdhury, Arijit
Georgia Institute of Technology Khan, Asif I.
Georgia Institute of Technology Romberg, Justin
Georgia Institute of Technology Yu, Shimeng
Georgia Institute of Technology Bakir, Muhannad S.
Georgia Institute of Technology Naeemi, Azad J.
Georgia Institute of Technology Swaminathan, Madhavan
Harvard University Wei, Gu-Yeon
Harvard University Brooks, David
Illinois Institute of Technology Hock, Adam S.
Mass. Institute of Technology Katabi, Dina
Mass. Institute of Technology Amarasinghe, Saman
Mass. Institute of Technology DiCarlo, James
Mass. Institute of Technology Shun, Julian
Mass. Institute of Technology Poggio, Tomaso
New York University Rangan, Sundeep
Pennsylvania State University Sustersic, John
Pennsylvania State University Narayanan, Vijaykrishnan
Pennsylvania State University Sivasubramaniam, Anand
Portland State University Hammerstrom, Dan
Portland State University Teuscher, Christof
Princeton University Verma, Naveen
Princeton University Martonosi, Margaret
Princeton University Malik, Sharad
Princeton University Arora, Sanjeev
Purdue University West Lafayette Jagannathan, Suresh
Purdue University West Lafayette Datta, Supriyo
Purdue University West Lafayette Roy, Kaushik
Purdue University West Lafayette Ye, Peide
Purdue University West Lafayette Raghunathan, Anand
Purdue University West Lafayette Culurciello, Eugenio
Stanford University Kozyrakis, Christoforos
Stanford University Asheghi-Roudheni, Mehdi
Stanford University Goodson, Kenneth E.
Stanford University Pop, Eric
Stanford University Wang, Shan X.
Stanford University Arbabian, Amin
Stanford University Chowdhury, Srabanti
University of California/Berkeley Tomlin, Claire
University of California/Berkeley Dutta, Prabal
University of California/Berkeley Stojanovic, Vladimir M.
University of California/Berkeley Nikolic, Borivoje
University of California/Berkeley Niknejad, Ali M.
University of California/Berkeley Wawrzynek, John
University of California/Berkeley Bokor, Jeffrey
University of California/Berkeley Culler, David E.
University of California/Berkeley Rabaey, Jan
University of California/Berkeley Alon, Elad
University of California/Berkeley Ramesh, Ramamoorthy
University of California/Berkeley Salahuddin, Sayeef
University of California/Los Angeles Cabric, Danijela
University of California/Los Angeles Cong, Jason
University of California/Los Angeles Srivastava, Mani
University of California/Los Angeles Iyer, Subramanian S.
University of California/Los Angeles Zhu, Song-Chun
University of California/Los Angeles Tabuada, Paulo
University of California/San Diego Zhao, Jishen
University of California/San Diego Stefan, Deian
University of California/San Diego Zhou, Yuanyuan
University of California/San Diego Knight, Rob
University of California/San Diego Kummel, Andrew
University of California/San Diego Gupta, Rajesh K.
University of California/San Diego Swanson, Steven
University of California/San Diego Rebeiz, Gabriel M.
University of California/San Diego Rosing, Tajana S.
University of California/Santa Barbara Strukov, Dmitri B.
University of California/Santa Barbara Madhow, Upamanyu
University of California/Santa Barbara Stemmer, Susanne
University of California/Santa Barbara Rodwell, Mark
University of California/Santa Barbara Mishra, Umesh K.
University of California/Santa Barbara Keller, Stacia
University of California/Santa Barbara Xie, Yuan
University of California/Santa Barbara Buckwalter, James F.
University of Colorado/Boulder George, Steven
University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign Shanbhag, Naresh
University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign Hwu, Wen-mei
University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign Adve, Sarita
University of Michigan Austin, Todd
University of Michigan Sylvester, Dennis M.
University of Michigan Bertacco, Valeria
University of Michigan Lu, Wei
University of Michigan Wenisch, Thomas
University of Michigan Kasikci, Baris
University of Minnesota Wang, Jian-Ping
University of Notre Dame Fay, Patrick
University of Notre Dame Niemier, Michael T.
University of Notre Dame Datta, Suman
University of Pennsylvania Kumar, Vijay
University of Pennsylvania Daniilidis, Kostas
University of Southern California Govindan, Ramesh
University of Southern California Molisch, Andreas
University of Southern California Li, Hao
University of Southern California Itti, Laurent
University of Southern California Hashemi, Hossein
University of Texas/Dallas Cho, Kyeongjae
University of Texas/Dallas O, Kenneth K.
University of Virginia Skadron, Kevin
University of Virginia Stan, Mircea R.
University of Virginia Khan, Samira
University of Washington Ceze, Luis H.
University of Washington Bilmes, Jeffrey A.
University of Washington Tatlock, Zachary
University of Washington Taylor, Michael
University of Washington Bodik, Rastislav
University of Wisconsin/Madison Eliceiri, Kevin
University of Wisconsin/Madison Patel, Jignesh
University of Wisconsin/Madison Li, Jing
Wayne State University Winter, Charles H.

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