Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0

demanding challenges require creative ideas to deliver brilliant solutions

JUMP 2.0, a consortium of industrial participants in cooperation with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, solicited white papers from U.S. universities for collaborative, multidisciplinary, multi-university research in selected areas of principal interest.

DARPA Announcement

The goal of this collaborative effort between the Department of Defense and the industrial participants is to substantially increase the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of broad classes of electronics systems for both commercial and military applications. These research and development efforts should benefit both the defense and industrial sectors by providing the Department of Defense with an unmatched technological edge in advanced radar, communications, and weapons systems, and provide the U.S. economy with unique information technology and processing capabilities critical to commercial competitiveness and future economic growth.

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JUMP 2.0 seeks to fund large, multi-disciplinary academic research centers in the following areas

  • Cognition
  • Communications and Connectivity
  • Intelligent Sensing to Action
  • Systems and Architectures for Distributed Compute
  • Intelligent Memory and Storage
  • Advanced Monolithic and Heterogeneous Integration
  • High-performance Energy-Efficient Devices for Digital and Analog Applications

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