CHIMES: Center for Heterogeneous Integration of Micro Electronic Systems

Director: Madhavan Swaminathan
Assistant Director: Muhannad Bakir

CHIMES is a JUMP 2.0 technology center with three primary drivers: 1) Using system architecture metrics to drive new technologies for the center (application-pull) enabling targeted innovations based on system needs; 2) Using technological innovations in the center to enable new system architectures considering system-level tradeoffs across flexible design spaces (technology-push); and 3) Ensuring portability and scalability of the technology components developed in the center, across diverse applications and platforms. CHIMES is organized into four major themes:

  • Theme 1: System Driven Functional Integration & Aggregation
  • Theme 2: Monolithic 3D (M3D) Densification and Diversification on Silicon Platform
  • Theme 3: Ultra Dense Heterogeneous Interconnect and Assembly
  • Theme 4: Materials Behavior, Synthesis, Metrology and Reliability

The cross-center interactions are enabled through Theme I (with JUMP 2.0 System Centers) and Theme II/IV (with JUMP 2.0 Materials & Devices Center).

Metric data displayed below is accurate through December 13, 2022. We appreciate your patience as we look to upgrade our reporting system and continue to provide ways for you to measure the success of your investments.

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