Nanoelectronic Computing Research


Explore fundamental materials, devices, and interconnect solutions to enable future computing and storage paradigms beyond conventional CMOS, beyond von Neumann architecture, or beyond classical information processing/storage.

NEW materials for LogIc, Memory and InTerconnectS (NEWLIMITS)

The NEW LIMITS Center has a vertically integrated mission to develop synthesis, integration, and evaluation schemes for new materials that will be applied in unique logic, memory, and interconnect applications to enable novel computing and storage paradigms beyond the capabilities of conventional CMOS.

Spintronic Materials for Advanced Information Technologies (SMART)

The SMART Center mission accelerates the development of beyond-CMOS building blocks with advanced spintronic materials and devices to create new pathways for exponential scaling across multiple generations.

Innovative Materials and Processes for Accelerated Compute Technologies (IMPACT)

The IMPACT Center is based on computational modeling and synergistic experimentation. Interconnect research will range from materials implementable in the medium term to materials exhibiting novel carrier transport physics such as liner-free, oxide- and non-oxide-based topological metals.

Annual Review in 2022

  1. nCORE Annual Review - November 7 - 9 in Gaithersburg, MD

nCORE News

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    Highlights reel from TECHCON 2022!

nCORE Metrics

  1. Current

    36 Research Tasks
    13 Universities
    80 Students
    30 Faculty Researchers
    152 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    224 Research Publications
    16 Patent Applications
    7 Patents Granted
  3. Last Year

    14 Task Starts
    225 Research Publications
    10 Patent Applications
    1 Patents Granted
  4. Since Inception

    24 Contracts
    85 Research Tasks
    30 Universities
    252 Students
    89 Faculty Researchers
    218 Liaison Personnel
    1,373 Research Publications
    47 Patent Applications
    8 Patents Granted
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