Our Members Are Inventing the Future

The work of NRI to seek out device solutions beyond CMOS is truly exciting. And the companies that choose to become NRI members play an integral role in directing this revolutionary research. The benefits of NRI membership are many, but here are some highlights:

  • Direct involvement with, and access to, relevantly educated university graduate students
  • Early access to the results of technologically critical research on nanoelectronic devices beyond CMOS
  • Participation in a research program that is highly leverages not only through combined industry, NSF, and NIST funding, but also through major investments from state governments in both research and infrastructure
  • Ability to directly shape early stage research that addresses industry needs through participation in the technical Program Group, as well as by sending assignee(s) to the universities, subsidized by NRI
  • Contribution to the long-term, innovative and unique NRI research model; multi-disciplinary, collaborative research at both NRI multi-university centers and at NSF nanoscience and materials engineering center, focused on microelectronic devices beyond CMOS

List of Current NRI Member Organizations