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NRI-NSF Research Centers with Supplemental Grants


The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds several dozen Nanoscience centers and networks at U.S. universities. NRI continues to support 13 joint awards with NSF under the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s (NNI’s) Signature Initiative “Nanoelectronics for Beyond 2020”. These have three primary thrusts:  

  1. Exploring New Chemistries and Materials for Nanoelectronics;
  2. Exploring Alternative State Variables & Heterogeneous Integration for Nano Devices & Systems; and
  3. Exploring Novel Paradigms of Computing. NRI leverages this large investment by co-funding with the NSF specific research projects at these centers on NRI-related topics. 

Research Focus

Each NSF center has a unique area of speciality in nanoelectronics, and the NRI projects there range from advanced computer simulations of spin-based devices to measurements of non-equilibrium coherent transport in graphene sheets to directed self-assembly of quantum dot and wire structures for novel devices.

Center Management

Each NSF center has its own director and extended university team which manage and conduct research in line with the center's mission. Each NRI joint-funded project is conducted by one or more PIs in the center, and an NRI Liaison Team, consisting of researchers from the sponsor companies and NIST, works with each center to share industry expertise, equipment and feedback, as well as guidance and material help during all research phases.

NRI-NSF Metrics

  1. Current

    12 Research Themes
    23 Universities
    30 Students
    50 Faculty Researchers
    39 Industry Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    6 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
  3. Last Year

    37 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
  4. Since Inception

    43 Research Themes
    41 Universities
    135 Students
    133 Faculty Researchers
    95 Industry Liaison Personnel
    363 Research Publications
    1 Patent Applications
Updated: 12-Jul-2014 8:10 PM
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