SWAN Center Management

Center Director

Sanjay K. Banerjee, University of Texas at Austin

Center Operations Director

Frank Register, University of Texas at Austin

Theme Leaders

Theme 1 (Bilayer PseudoSpin Field Effect Transistors)

Theme Leader: Allan MacDonald, UT/Austin
Task Leaders:
Amir Yacoby, Harvard University
Sanjay Banerjee, Emanuel Tutuc, UT/Austin
Allan MacDonald, Frank Register, UT/Austin
Jairo Sinova, TAMU
Jiyoung Kim, UT/Dallas
Andrew Kummel, UC/San Diego

Theme 2 (Interlayer Tunnel FETs)

Theme Leader: Emanuel Tutuc, UT/Austin
Task Leaders:
Sanjay Banerjee, Deji Akinwande, Frank Register, Rod Ruoff, UT/Austin
Jairo Sinova, TAMU
Christopher Hinkle, UT/Dallas

Theme 3 (Topological Insulator-based Magneto Electronics)

Theme Leader:Ki Wook Kim, North Carolina State University
Task Leaders:
Sanjay Banerjee, Frank Register, Allan MacDonald, UT/Austin
Jairo Sinova, TAMU
Emanuel Tutuc, UT/Austin

Theme 4 (Metrology & Modeling)

Task Leaders:
Robert M. Wallace, Moon Kim, Massimo V. Fischetti, UT/Dallas
Ki Wook Kim (NC State)

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