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Since its beginning in 1982, SRC has supported over 8,000 advanced degree students at universities around the world. And from its beginning, SRC has worked with the world's leading faculty in semiconductor research; these faculty naturally attract the world's most outstanding students. It follows that these students would one day become the world's leaders in the semiconductor industry and in university and government research. Twenty eight years later, that is exactly what has happened. At SRC, we know some very exciting things about the SRC student alumni (read on!). In more than 20 years working with SRC students, I have seen more students than I can count make more contributions to the good of society than even they ever dreamed possible; I like to think that SRC played a positive role in the development of these young men and women. The new SRC Alumni Association provides an opportunity for SRC members to better understand the enormous value to the industry that is manifested in the SRC student alumni and to be part of sharing that legacy. That is why we are posting this newsletter on the SRC website as well as distributing it to the members of the Alumni Association via e-mail. We hope you find it of value and would appreciate your feedback via e-mail to Ginny Wiggins, Manager, SRC Student Programs

Seeking the Missing

Of the over 8,000 SRC student alumni, SRC has current address information for about half. Please check out the list, sorted by university. If you know the current whereabouts of anyone on the list, please forward the SRC Alumni Newsletter to them and/or ask them to contact SRC at

Featured Profile

Elyse Rosenbaum graduated from the University of California/Berkeley in 1992. She was a student of Professor Chenming Hu and was among the first winners of the SRC Technical Excellence Award in 1991. Upon graduation, she joined the faculty at the University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign and was awarded her first SRC contract in 1995. Since that time, Elyse has advised 16 PhD and 27 Master's students, including three SRC Fellows. The UIUC website, lists a number of honors and recognitions for Elyse including being named to the "List of Teachers Rated as Excellent by Their Students" four times. SRC asked Elyse what she considers to be her most important professional accomplishment and whether that ties back to her experience as an SRC student. This is her reply. "I am gratified that it's now considered reasonable and proper for a silicon foundry to provide models of their ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection devices, in no small part due to my group's work on modeling and simulation of on-chip ESD protection. However, my work training graduate students is truly my most important professional accomplishment. I believe SRC concurs with this, since SRC provides research funding and mentoring to ensure there is a continuing stream of research engineers ready to join the semiconductor industry. I am especially proud that my students have won best paper awards at the EOS/ESD Symposium and the International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) for their work on SRC-supported projects."

Making a Difference

SRC student alumni are recognized for their contributions to industry and the global economy in many forums, including professional recognition and patents.

Dr. Alan Mantooth, a GRC researcher at the University of Arkansas and alumnus of the Graduate Fellowship Program, was recently featured in IEEE's online magazine, "The Institute". The article provides an overview of his research interests, especially his focus on cutting-edge green technology. Each summer he organizes Solar Splash, an intercollegiate solar-electric boating world championship, where students spend five days vying for points in categories such as technology, visual display, workmanship, and maneuverability, along with endurance and sprinting races.

Dr. Mantooth was awarded an SRC Graduate Fellowship for study at Georgia Tech in 1986 and received his PhD in 1990. He has continued to be funded by GRC and is currently working on a task, as part of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence (TxACE).

The work of FCRP Interconnect Focus Center (IFC) student Kevin Brenner (GA Tech) and IFC alum Raghunath Murali (GA Tech), now a research engineer at GA Tech, is featured in the EE Times article "Carbon Semiconductors Clear CMOS Hurdle."

The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society recently announced that Lawrence Pileggi of Carnegie Mellon University will receive the 2010 Mac Van Valkenburg Award for "seminal contributions to VLSI interconnect modeling, analysis, and optimization via model order reduction methods, and the dissemination of this work into the industrial community and engineering curriculum." The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Mac Van Valkenburg Award honors an individual for outstanding technical contributions and distinguishable leadership in a field within the scope of CAS Society. The award is based on the quality and significance of contribution, and continuity of technical leadership.

Four patents issued during the first quarter of 2010 to SRC alums for research as current faculty or when they were SRC students:

  • Compounds Containing a Thiol Protected Group Bonded to a Protecting Group Via a Polarized Bond, and Structure Comprising the Compounds on its Surface
    Patent #7687145
    GRC Research at the University of California/Berkeley
    Inventors: Jean Frechet, Zachary Fresco (now at Intermolecular, Inc.), William Oldham
  • Phase-Shifting Test Mask Patterns for Characterizing Illumination and Mask Quality in Image Forming Optical Systems
    Patent #7648802
    GRC Research at the University of California/Berkeley
    Inventors: Andrew Neureuther, Gregory McIntyre (now at IBM), UC/Berkeley
  • Analog and Radio Frequency (RF) System-Level Simulation Using Frequency Relaxation
    Patent #7653524
    FCRP Research at Carnegie Mellon University
    Inventors: Lawrence Pileggi (now at Carnegie Mellon University), Xin Li (now at Carnegie Mellon University), Peng Li (now at Texas A&M), Yang Xu (now at Qualcomm)
  • Vortex Tube Refrigeration Systems and Methods
    Patent #7669428
    FCRP Research at Georgia Institute of Technology
    Inventors: Andrei Fedorov, Robert Wadell (now at Intel,) Stephane Launay (now in France)

SRC Connections

Alums currently hold a number of SRC contracts including 5 new awards made during 1Q2010. Alums are also important in mentoring the research; nine new alum liaison assignments started during 1Q2010.

  • Swaroop Ganguly (UT/Austin), Indian Institute of Technology/Bombay, Metal Nano Crystals for Nanocrystal Flash Memory Technologies
  • Elyse Rosenbaum (UC/Berkeley), UIUC, Non-quasi-static Compact Models of ESD Protection Devices
  • Yasa Sampurno (Univ. AZ) and Yun Zhuang (Univ. AZ), Univ. of Arizona, Fundamentals of Advanced Planarization
  • Eric Vogel (NCSU), UT/Dallas, SPICE Models and Analog Circuits for Nanoscale Silicon Chemical- and Biological-Sensors
  • Junpin Yao (Univ. AZ), Univ. of Arizona, Lowering the Environmental Impact of High-k and Metal Gate-Stack Surface Preparation Processes

Industry liaisons are at the heart of advancing the technology for industry through collaborative research. Liaisons play a key role guiding the research in real time, transferring technology into the industry, and mentoring current students. One hundred thirty five alums currently serve as GRC Industry Liaisons with nine starting new assignments during 1Q10.

  • Wenwei Yang (UC/Berkeley), GLOBALFOUNDRIES, liaison to research at UC/Berkeley
  • Chung-Hsun Lin (UC/Berkeley), IBM, liaison to research at the Univ. of Florida and UT/Dallas
  • Xuefeng Zhang (UT/Austin), AMD, liaison to research at SUNY/Albany
  • Mahmoud Reza Ahmadi (Univ. of MN), AMD, liaison to research at UT/Dallas
  • Tamer Cakici (Purdue), TI, liaison to research at Arizona State
  • Zhuo Li (TX A&M), IBM, liaison to research at UCLA,
  • Yong Liu (UC/Berkeley), TI, liaison to research at Arizona State
  • Satrajit Chatterjee (UC/Berkeley), Intel, liaison to research at UC/Berkeley
  • Aditya Bansal (Purdue), IBM, liaison to research at Purdue

2010 Simon Karecki Award

The Simon Karecki Award is presented each year at the SRC/SEMATECH Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing Review at the University of Arizona to encourage young researchers in the pursuit of environmental research. This award is presented annually in memory of former SRC Fellow Simon Karecki (MIT). The 2010 award was presented to Chi-cheng Chui, UT/Dallas, for his research on the effect of carbon-based nanomaterials on human health.

2010 Aristotle Award

Each year, SRC recognizes an SRC-funded faculty member for outstanding teaching through the research process with presentation of the Aristotle Award. The list of awardees is indeed impressive and includes SRC student alum Lawrence Pileggi (Carnegie Mellon), Carnegie Mellon, for the 2008 Aristotle Award. The many SRC students who have had the privilege of doing their PhD research with Professor Chenming Hu will not be surprised that he was presented with the 2009 Aristotle Award at TECHCON 2009. Aristotle nominations are solicited during the first quarter of each year and awards are primarily based on input from former students. A list of winners of this prestigious award and related award presentations are on the web. Presentation of the 2010 Aristotle Award will be at TECHCON 2010 in September.

What's New at SRC

New Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program:

Through the SRC Education Alliance, SRC has joined forces with Intel Foundation to fund the URO program at 14 universities across the US. In this first year, about 200 students are participating in the program that provides hands-on research experience for undergraduates and strong encouragement to continue to graduate school. Mentoring faculty include four former SRC students: Lynford Goddard (Stanford) and Lane Martin (UC/Berkeley) at UIUC, and Sayeef Salahuddin (Purdue) and Ali Javey (Stanford) at UC/Berkeley. Altogether, 22 SRC-funded faculty are participating in the URO program. We hope to see many SRC alums and current graduate students participating in the URO program as mentors to the undergrads.

SRC is collaborating with DOE lab under NINE:

SRC has joined forces with Sandia National Labs to launch the National Institute for Nanoengineering (NINE) program. This program is a government/university/industry collaboration and is hosted at Sandia. SRC student alum Justine Johannes (UT/Austin) played a key role in the creation of this program.

TxACE focuses on analog-mixed signal research:

SRC Global Research Collaboration (GRC) has launched a new center at the University of Texas/Dallas Professor Ken O as the Center Director and Eric Vogle as Associate Director. The Texas Analog Center of Excellence is a $16M joint venture between the State of Texas, the University of Texas System, Texas Instruments, and SRC Global Research Collaboration. Professors Ken O (MIT) and Eric Vogle (NCSU) are SRC student alums, as are 11 other faculty in this center including:

  • Carnegie Mellon
    • Xin Li (Carnegie Mellon)
    • Tamal Mukherjee (Carnegie Mellon)
    • Lawrence Pileggi (Carnegie Mellon)
    • Degang Chen (SUNY/Albany)
  • Oregon State
    • Karti Mayaram (UC/Berkeley)
  • Rice
    • Farinaz Koushanfar (UC/Berkeley)
  • Texas A&M;
    • Peng Li (Carnegie Mellon)
    • Samuel Palermo (Stanford)
  • Univ. of Arkansas/Fayetteville
    • Alan Mantooth (SRC Fellow, GA Tech)
  • UIUC
    • Elyse Rosenbaum (UC/Berkeley)
  • Univ. of Minnesota
    • Ramesh Harjani (Carnegie Mellon)

Focus Center Research Program expanded:

The Focus Center Research Program completed a re-competition late in 2009 and now comprises six virtual centers: Gigascale Systems Research Center (GSRC), centered at Princeton; Center for Circuit and System Solutions (C2S2), centered at Carnegie Mellon; Interconnect Focus Center (IFC), centered at GA Tech; Center for Materials, Structures and Devices (MSD), centered at MIT; Functional Engineered Nano Architectronics (FENA), centered at UCLA; and the newest center Multi-Scale Systems Center (MuSyC), centered at UC/Berkeley. Faculty researchers include 36 SRC student alums!

  • Arizona State
    • Yu Cao (UC/Berkeley)
  • Cal Tech
    • Azita Emami-Neyestanak (Stanford)
  • Carnegie Mellon
    • Xin Li (CMU)
    • Lawrence Pileggi (CMU)
  • Columbia
    • Luca Carloni (UC/Berkeley)
  • Georgia Tech
    • Muhannad Bakir (GA Tech)
    • Sung Kyu Lim (UCLA)
    • Raghunath Murali (GA Tech)
    • Azad Naeemi (GA Tech)
  • Harvard
    • Shriram Ramanathan (Stanford)
  • MIT
    • Luca Daniel (SRC Fellow, UC/Berkeley)
    • Jing Kong (Stanford)
    • Vladimir Stojanovic (Stanford)
  • Purdue
    • Muhammad Alam (Purdue)
    • Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue)
  • Stanford
    • Teresa Meng (UC/Berkeley)
    • Ada Shuk Yan Poon (UC/Berkeley)
  • Texas A&M
    • Peng Li (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Univ. of Florida
    • Rizwan Bashirullah (NCSU)
  • Univ. of Michigan
    • Valeria Bertacco (Stanford)
    • David Blaauw (UIUC)
    • Dennis Sylvester (SRC Fellow, UC/Berkeley)
  • Univ. at Albany-SUNY
    • Eric Eisenbraun (SUNY-Albany)
  • UC/Berkeley
    • Elad Alon (Stanford)
    • Ali Javey (SRC Fellow, Stanford)
    • Sayeef Salahuddin (Purdue)
  • UC/Riverside
    • Roger Lake (SRC Fellow, Purdue)
    • Jianlin Liu (UCLA)
  • UC/San Diego
    • Tajana Rosing (U. AZ)
  • UCLA
    • Jane Pie-Chen Chang (MIT)
    • Chi On Chui (Stanford)
    • Dejan Markovic (UC/Berkeley)
  • UIUC
    • Rakesh Kumar (UC/San Diego)
    • Eric Pop (SRC Fellow, Stanford)
  • UT/Dallas
    • Kenneth O (MIT)
    • Eric Vogel (NCSU)

Looking Ahead

TECHCON 2010 will be held in Austin, TX, September 12 - 14 at the Renaissance Hotel. (How many of you remember your TECHCON presentations?) SRC is in the process of selecting 144 papers from student-submitted abstracts - it is going to be a great event! At TECHCON 2009, 37 of the presenting students were students of SRC alums and four were third generation, i.e., students of alums who were students of alums! We also counted about 40 alums among the industry attendees, and alum Frank Register (NCSU), now at UT/Austin, spoke at the New Frontiers Session. We're hoping to up those numbers for TECHCON 2010!

Tell Us About You

Do you have something you would like to share about your SRC experience? What good things are you doing now? Information provided for and about SRC student alumni will fuel future SRC Alumni Newsletters. We are especially interested in ideas for the Featured Profile and Making a Difference sections, but welcome all good stories and old and new photos. Please send via e-mail to; we look forward to sharing your stories.

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