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Clearly the most exciting happening at SRC during the last quarter was yet another very successful TECHCON – TECHCON 2010 at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TX.  I don’t spend a lot of time at technical conferences, but people that do, seem to agree that what makes TECHCON different and exciting is the students. They are the kind of young men and women that make us very hopeful for the future not only of our country, but of our planet.  It goes without saying that students presenting at TECHCON are extremely bright and creative, but they also care about the world they are helping to create and the potential impact of their research on that world.  The usual cadre of graduate students was joined by 29 students from SRC’s newest student program, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.  These undergrads added quite a buzz to TechFair and went away very excited about the possibilities of graduate school and a bright future in industry or academia.  With my retirement fast approaching, this is the eleventh (and last) TECHCON that I will be involved with – what an adventure!  More information about TECHCON is below.  There were other exciting happenings this quarter at SRC and among the alumni – read on!  As always, we appreciate your feedback via e-mail to

Ginny Wiggins, Manager, SRC Student Programs

Seeking the Missing

Our thanks to those of you who forwarded the past editions of the SRC Alumni Newsletter to friends and colleagues!  An updated list of “lost alumni” is available; please forward this edition of the SRC Alumni Newsletter to anyone you know on the list and ask them to contact SRC at

Featured Profile

Note: Each quarter, SRC profiles a student alum who has made a significant difference either in academia or the industry. Suggestions for this article are most welcome.

Tze-Chiang Chen SRC Alum T.C. Chen, Chair of the SRC Board of Directors.

Alumni Tze-Chiang Chen (Yale, 85), IBM Fellow and Vice President for Science and Technology, is the current Chairman of the SRC Board of Directors. During his years at IBM, T.C. has held a number of leadership roles and his contributions to advanced bipolar technology have had a major impact on IBM S/30- mainframe systems. His contributions to CMOS miniaturization and DRAM devices have had a profound impact on IBM’s leadership in CMOS process technology and DRAM manufacturing. He has published more than 60 papers in technical journals and conferences and was elected as an IEEE Fellow in 1998.

As Chair of the SRC Board of Directors, T. C., has proved to be a strong supporter of SRC, addressing many issues but focusing on strategic planning activities.  He has worked closely with SRC over the years, but especially notable are his efforts in structuring a Board Retreat that has identified strategic elements that will assist SRC in determining future research directions.

SRC asked T.C. about his most exciting professional accomplishment. This is his answer.

“Over the years I have been fortunate enough to lead several international alliance teams in developing DRAM and logic technology, generation after generation. Much of this technology has benefited the electronics industry in developing products ranging from commercial communication to IT. It is very rewarding to be part of creating products that improve lives and help to move society forward.”

Making a Difference

Evidence that SRC research makes a difference is abundant in the research results transferred into participating companies and in the students whose research and lives are changed by participating in these research programs. Patents resulting from the research provide concrete evidence of these results.  The four patents issued during the third quarter of 2010 include SRC alums for research when they were students.

  • Receiver with Colpitts Differential Oscillator, Colpitts Quadrature Oscillator, and Common-Gate Low Noise Amplifier - Patent #7414481
    GRC Research at the University of Washington
    Inventors:  David Allstot, Xiaoyong Li (University of Washington, 04; now at Qualcomm)
  • Self-Calibration Systems and Methods - Patent #7756663
    FCRP Research at Georgia Institute of Technology
    Inventors:  Abhijit Chatterjee, Soumendu Bhattacharya (GA Tech, 05, now at Texas Instruments), Donghoon Han (GA Tech, 07, now at Texas Instruments), Selim Sermet Akbay (GA Tech, 08, now at Intel)
  • High Performance Integrated Circuit Interconnect Devices and Structures - Patent #7798817
    FCRP Research at Georgia Institute of Technology
    Inventors:  Paul Kohl, Mark Cupta (GA Tech, 06, now at Celanese Chemicals), Deepak Chandra Sekar (GA Tech, 08, now at SanDisk Corp), Muhannad Bakir (GA Tech, 03, now at GA Tech), Todd Spencer (GA Tech, 10, now at Intel)
  • Formation of Close-Packed Sphere Arrays in V-Shaped Grooves - Patent #7790045
    GRC Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Inventors:  Carolina Ross, Peng-Wei Chuang (MIT 09, now at University of California/Berkeley)

SRC Connections

Alums Dennis Sylvester, (UC/Berkeley, 99), Valeria Bertacco (Stanford, 03) and Luca Carloni (UC/Berkeley, 03) presented their research at the FCRP GSRC Review in San Jose in September 2010

SRC continues its tradition of strong leadership in research that is changing the world we live in.   And that happens because of the people that participate in SRC-funded research programs.  SRC student alums play a significant part in SRC’s success as they continue to win SRC university contracts and to mentor the research on behalf of the industry.

Fifty-three new tasks were funded in 3Q10; 11 listed SRC student alums as task leaders. Also in the third quarter, 121 GRC Industry Liaisons began 165 new assignments; 38 SRC alums are included in these assignments. Industry Liaisons have the responsibility to provide guidance for the research, mentor the students and provide a forum for technology transfer. Alumni who work for GRC member companies are encouraged to explore opportunities to connect to the research and to SRC through the GRC Industry Liaison Program.

40 SRC Alums Participated in TECHCON 2010

437 industry representatives, faculty, students and SRC staff gathered in Austin, Texas, September 13-14, for the twelfth iteration of SRC’s premier technical conference, TECHCON 2010.  Forty SRC alums were among the attendees including the 2010 Technical Excellence Award winner, Professor Li-C. Wang (UT/Austin, 95).  This award was presented by alum Dr. T.C. Chen (Yale, 85), currently at IBM and Chairman of the SRC Board of Directors (and this edition’s Featured Profile).

David Yeh(l) and David Onsongo(r) SRC ICSS Director David Yeh (l), TI, discusses TECHCON events with alum David Onsongo (UT/Austin, 03).

SRC’s TECHCON is different from other technical conferences in that it is primarily student presented.  Technical papers were presented by 144 students in 16 sessions.  Another 15 Fellows and Scholars presented posters in the TechFair sessions following each of the paper sessions.  A new and exciting addition to TECHCON 2010 was the presentation of posters by 29 students from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities program.

TECHCON included the keynote address by Intel’s Dr. Michael Mayberry entitled, “A Look Forward.”  The New Frontiers Session was presented by Professor Rob Rutenbar, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign, and Dr. Charles Holland, DARPA. Professor Rutenbar’s presentation was entitled “Using the Mathematics of Money to Understand the Statistics of Nanoscale Circuits.” Dr. Holland’s presentation was entitled “Sustaining High Performance Computing.”

Proceedings for TECHCON 2010 include all papers presented as well as the keynote and New Frontiers presentations.  If you are an SRC-funded faculty member, current SRC student or work for an SRC member company, you can access the proceedings on the SRC protected website linked from the home page.

Alumni Lunch at 2010

Thirty SRC alums provided insight into the future of the SRC Alumni Association at TECHCON 2010. Lively conversation among the alums and with SRC staff led to ideas for making the Alumni Association valuable to its members and to SRC.  A number of viable ideas were recorded, but these seem reasonable for the near term:

  • Foster a stronger sense of community among alumni by publishing activities or achievements of alumni in the newsletter.
    • We can definitely do this, but we need your help!
  • Create mentor groups/chapters at companies/cities to help identify internships and interact with interns and new hires and identify Liaisons for SRC research projects.
  • Create a list of industry people willing to be contacted by students for mentoring/research guidance on the SRC web site
  • Help reconnect with past colleagues and other alumni and keep up with industry trends.
  • Organize events at major technical conferences like ISSCC, IEDM, and DAC.

SRC GRC Fellowship and Scholarship Awards

Jill Rodriguez(l) and Nicole DiLello(r) URO student Jill Rodriguez discusses her research with current IBM/GRC Fellow Nicole DiLello, MIT, at TECHCON 2010

The SRC Fellows and Masters Scholars are among the best and most promising students in the current population.  SRC awarded eight new Fellowships and four new Master’s Scholarships through the Global Research Collaboration (GRC) and SRC Education Alliance (SRCEA) to begin in the fall 2010 term. Congratulations to these future leaders of the semiconductor industry!  View list of new Fellows and Scholars.

GRC will open competition for the 2011 Fellowships and Scholarships on November 1.  These programs continue to attract outstanding young men and women (with permanent right to work in the US) to research of interest to the semiconductor industry.  Current descriptions and application materials will be posted to the SRC website on November 1.  We continue to look for additional company support for the Fellowships and Scholarships and for Industry Advisors for these students.  If you are currently employed  by a GRC member company, you are invited to support these programs in whatever way you can, e.g., mentoring the current Fellows and Scholars and encouraging your company to participate in the company-named programs.  If you are GRC-supported faculty, you are encouraged to use these programs to recruit some of the best students available to your research program.

What's New at SRC

URO Students at Georgia Tech URO Students at GA Tech gathered for lunch with SRC staff Eileen Hannan (front row left) and Ginny Wiggins (front row right) in September to share their research projects and feedback on the URO program

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program: The URO program completed a very successful first year and is off to an exciting start for its second year.  Sixteen programs at 14 universities are continuing with over 200 students participating in mentored undergraduate research programs.   Read more about the first year of the program. 

SRC Nanoelectronics Research Initiative and the National Science Foundation have joined forces to fund $2 million in supplemental grants for nanoelectronics research.  SRC student alum Eric Pop (Stanford, '05, now at UIUC) is among the outstanding faculty participating in these projects.  View the press release.

New Faces at SRC

New Staff at SRC SRC welcomed three new staff members during 3Q10, (l to r), MaryLisabeth Rich , Jon Candelaria, and Eileen Hannan

Jon Candelaria joined SRC as Director for Packaging and Interconnect Sciences. Jon has over 33 years of experience in the electronics industry with the vast majority of that time being with Motorola Semiconductor, as well as some time with Texas Instruments. He was most recently a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Motorola’s Applied Research & Technology Center.  He has extensive experience in nearly every field within the electronics industry including: business case development, strategic technology planning, Intellectual Property portfolio management, R&D engineering/management, IC manufacturing engineering/management, product and test engineering, and consumer products marketing. He invented and developed several breakthrough technologies, and also led teams which created and transferred into production many critical ‘firsts’ within the IC industry over the last three decades.  Jon has many patents and technical publications with one of his backend process patents receiving the Motorola Patent of the Year Award for an invention which contributed more than $1B to Motorola over the course of its lifetime. He has also served on many committees including the SRC Science Advisory Council, the National Optoelectronic Technology Research Task Force, the SIA Semiconductor Technology Roadmap for CMOS and General Chair for the IEDM conference.

Asked his thoughts on joining SRC, Jon has this to say:  “I’ve worked off and on with SRC over the years, but I never thought I’d have the opportunity to work here. Now that it’s actually happened, it’s even better than I had ever imagined. The fact that I am now a part of something that makes such a huge difference in so many lives is really overwhelming.”

MaryLisabeth Rich is the new Executive Director for the SRC Education Alliance.  Rich, whose management and leadership style is grounded in teamwork and accountability, began her career in development at North Carolina State, High Point and Florida State universities. She joined the American Cancer Society (ACS) in 1998 and as vice president and chief operating officer of its Planned Giving Business Unit, she helped develop, direct and manage an innovative initiative that transformed planned giving at one of the nation’s largest nonprofits. She also established major gifts as one of the financial foundations in the ACS 21st century fight against cancer while serving as nationwide vice president of the American Cancer Society Foundation.

“Together, SRC and Education Alliance are absolutely determined to help turn around the unfortunate truth that the United States has fewer and fewer students going into STEM-related careers,” Rich said. “I am thrilled to be part of it. I embrace the challenge. This work is so vitally important. We must be bold and innovative, and we will be. Through our parent corporation’s broad affiliations at top-flight universities and companies, I look forward to taking full advantage of Education Alliance’s access to many of the brightest minds. With their help we will substantially raise interest among high school and college students in careers that will address some of the world’s greatest challenges.”

Eileen Hannan, Program Officer for the Education Alliance and Manager of Student Relations, comes to SRC from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For five years, as Program Officer at the Carolina Center for Public Service, Eileen managed and grew their undergraduate and graduate fellowships, service organization grants, and the Public Service Scholars program (PSS).  Under her leadership, PSS experienced exponential growth; from 432 students to more than 2,100 participating. The program is now looked to as a best practice model by colleges and universities throughout the country.  Eileen has experience in events planning, philanthropy, program management and evaluation, and an enthusiasm and dedication to education.

“Working at SRC allows me to continue to build and foster relationships among faculty, students and the public and private sectors to give students the tools they need to be effective change agents and our nation’s future leaders. Starting day two on the job at TECHCON was the perfect introduction to the incredible students who are critical to SRC research and the university and industry personnel who support them.” said Hannan. “I have some incredibly huge shoes to fill as Ginny Wiggins’ successor, but I am excited about the opportunity to build upon the more than two decades of your, the SRC, and Ginny’s investment in students. I look forward to meeting and learning from you in the years ahead. Please feel free to send me an email or call to introduce yourself and to share your ideas for strengthening student relations:, 919.941.9452.”

Double Your Impact

Many companies and foundations will double or even triple the value of charitable gifts made by employees, their spouses, board members and retired employees through matching contributions. Companies provide matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some even provide matching funds to support employee volunteer hours.

We have identified, to the best of our knowledge, a list of companies related to the semiconductor industry that have a matching gifts program. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift! Consider making a donation to the SRC Education Alliance that will be matched by your company in support of undergraduate and graduate students.

If you do not find your employer on this list, please check with your company’s human resources office.  If your company has a matching gifts program, please let us know so we can add your company to our list.

If your employer requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (i.e. Federal Tax Identification Number), please use 58-1807204.
Please mail your completed matching gift form to: SRC Education Alliance, Attn: Matching Gifts, P.O. Box 12053, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2053.

Your unrestricted personal gift and matched contribution will be credited to the Semiconductor Research Corporation Education Alliance General Scholarships (SRCEA-GS) to support future scientists in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


You may also restrict your gift to:

  • Simon Karecki Fellowship Fund
  • Franco Cerrina Fellowship Fund

If you have questions about matching gifts please contact Shannon Geddes, Matching Gifts Coordinator at 919.941.9400 or via email at

Tell Us About You

We are adding a Class Notes/Faculty section to the newsletter. Please send us your news. New postion, new degree, award, marriage, births, patents, …even deaths… Please send to Lee Ann Clewell, Student Alumni Data Coordinator at

Do you have something you would like to share about your SRC experience? What good things are you doing now? Information provided for and about SRC student alumni will fuel future SRC Alumni Newsletters. We are especially interested in ideas for the Featured Profile and Making a Difference sections, but welcome all good stories and old and new photos. Please send via e-mail to; we look forward to sharing your stories.

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