Simon Karecki Award Call for Nominations

The Simon Karecki Fellowship Fund ("Fund") was created by Richard and Anna Karecki (Simon’s parents) through the support of SRC and the GRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing. The award was created in memory of Simon Karecki to continue the research that was his passion and to provide other outstanding young people with the opportunity to make their contributions to environmental research. The honor will come with a monetary award, the value to be determined by the Advisory Board for the Fund.


This Call for Nominations begins the process of determining the finalist for the 2017 Simon Karecki Award. Nominations for students currently participating in the Center and meeting the selection criteria will be accepted by SRCEA as defined below. Nominations must include:

  1. Completed Nomination Information Form
  2. Nomination description/narrative on each of the selection criteria (see "Selection" below)
  3. Transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions attended by the nominee
  4. Supporting documentation (letters, etc., as appropriate; input from industry personnel or faculty associated with the Center are encouraged; input from other current students will not be accepted)

Receipt of all submissions will be confirmed by e-mail. In addition, submitters will be informed of incomplete nominations, i.e., those nominations not including sufficient information for the items listed above. Incomplete nominations will be rejected if requested information is not provided.

Nominations for the Simon Karecki Award are accepted at any time, but must be submitted by 5 pm ET on January 19, 2017.


The Advisory Board for the Fund will review all completed nominations and will select the recipient of the 2017 Simon Karecki Award. Four equally weighted selection criteria will be evaluated by the Advisory Board as outlined below. Nominated students may be requested to participate in a phone interview as part of the final selection process.

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Demonstrated concern for the Earth's environment and for the impact of new materials on health
  3. Demonstrated ability for technical communication
  4. Demonstrated ability to work with others and foster cooperation

Notification and Presentation

Finalists and nominators will be notified of the Advisory Board's decision no later than March 2, 2017. The Award will be presented at the Center Review at the University of Arizona in April.

2017 Simon Karecki Award
Nomination Information Form

Nomination Form, Nomination Description/Narrative and appropriate supporting documentation must be sent via email by 5 pm ET, January 19, 2017,  from the author’s corporate or university account to

Please provide the following information regarding the student being nominated:

  • Name and university
  • E-mail
  • Start date of participation in the CEBSM

Please provide the following information regarding the nominator.

  1. Name
  2. Business Address and telephone
  3. Email
  4. Identify whether the nominator is
    1. a CEBSM Faculty researcher,
    2. a member of the CEBSM Industry Advisory Board, or
    3. other (please specify).

Nomination Description and Narrative

The information outlined below is required and must be included with the Nomination Information Form. An outline following the selection criteria or narrative format is equally acceptable and should be limited to three pages. Please be sure to specifically address the selection criteria.

  1. Academic Excellence
    • Nominees are expected to exhibit outstanding overall academic ability. While no minimum GPA is defined, the Advisory Board will review transcripts for breadth and balance in course load as well as academic performance.
  2. Demonstrated Concern for the Earth's Environment
    • Significant contribution to research in environmentally benign semiconductor manufacturing and/or assessing the Environmental Safety & Health impact of new materials
    • Evidence of past efforts or plans to acquire an educational background and training in environmental science and technology
  3. Demonstrated Ability for Technical Communication
    • Publications related to environmental concerns
    • Presentations at notable conferences
  4. Demonstrated Ability to Work with Others and Foster Cooperation
    • Leadership and team-building skills

Additional Supporting Documentation

Letters from CEBSM faculty and industry personnel associated with the Center are encouraged and should be sent directly from the author’s university or corporate account.

Official transcript(s) from all post-secondary institutions attended by the nominee

Nominated students may be interviewed with regard to items "B. Demonstrated concern for the Earth's environment," and "D. Demonstrated ability to work with others and foster cooperation."


Submission via email is preferred.

  • Email to (original letters of support must be email from the author's corporate or university account)
  • Fax to SRC Education Alliance: (919)941-9450
  • U.S. Mail to:
    SRC Education Alliance
    Simon Karecki Award
    4819 Emperor Blvd, Suite 300
    Durham, NC 27703

4819 Emperor Blvd, Suite 300 Durham, NC 27703 Voice: (919) 941-9400 Fax: (919) 941-9450

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