SRC: Celebrating 30 Years

Dear Reader,

SRC: Celebrating 30 Years has been prepared to acknowledge a few of the many accomplishments of the SRC community (including the semiconductor industry, governments, and academia worldwide).  We have worked diligently to assure that the charts accurately demonstrate the impact of SRC programs.  One key mechanism that has been used is to identify influential research papers sponsored by the SRC that are highly cited by industry and to connect these to downstream technologies the industry later developed.  The highly cited papers were also useful in identifying students who worked on SRC projects.  The SRC database was also used to estimate the numbers of technical advisory board members, the number of liaisons, the total number of students SRC has supported, and the total research investments in semiconductor research traceable to SRC.

SRC community interaction pathways are identified in these charts and used as a basis for their organization.  The charts conclude by projecting technologies in the research pipeline that show promise of industry development in the next few years; once again using research paper citations by industry as a basis for these projections.  Semiconductor technologies may reach an inflection point within the next decade but the SRC community is well positioned to lead the way for the next generation of information processing technologies.

We hope that you find these linked charts to be informative and interesting.  Thank you for joining the 30th anniversary celebration of the SRC.

Ralph Cavin, SRC Chief Scientist

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