SEMATECH and National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors are established as a result of SRC initiatives.


  • The most significant event of the year is the creation of SEMATECH, an industry/government cooperative endeavor. SEMATECH's mission is manufacturing technology, and it is SRC's most prominent and highest impact initiative to date. SRC assumes responsibility for SEMATECH’s supporting research program. The administration of this program is similar in most respects to existing SRC research efforts, and the results are made available to all SRC members.
  • Recognizing that the stakes are high and the risks real for the U.S. economy and national security if this country does not have a world-class and competitive semiconductor industry, a fourth federal government agency becomes an SRC participant this year: the National Bureau of Standards.
  • Over 100 participants attend an SRC-arranged forum titled “U.S. Competitiveness - Analysis and Remedies”. The panel includes four distinguished scholars from the Harvard Business School and the Berkeley Roundtable on International Economics.
For specific research areas and results, please see this year's annual report. »

1987 Officers

  • Klaus D. Bowers, Board Chairman
  • Larry W. Sumney, CEO
  • Ralph E. Darby, Secretary

1987 Board of Directors

  • Klaus D. Bowers, Chairman AT&T
  • Michael J. Callahan Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Robert B. Palmer Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Kenneth A. Pickar General Electric Company
  • Robert J. McMillin, Vice Chariman General Motors Corporation
  • Jon E. Cornell Harris Corporation
  • Fred N. Schwettmann HP Inc.
  • Brian Hegarty Honeywell Incorporated
  • Sanford L. Kane IBM Corporation
  • Gerhard H. Parker Intel Corporation
  • Michael J. Callahan Monolith Technologies Corporation
  • Bob J. Jenkins Motorola Incorporated
  • E. Randy Parker National Semiconductor Corporation
  • Frank Michelletti Rockwell Automation
  • Gaynor N. Kelley Perkin-Elmer Corporation
  • Larry W. Sumney Semiconductor Research Corporation
  • G. R. Mohan Rao Texas Instruments Incorporated

1987 SRC Senior Staff

  • Larry W. Sumney, President & CEO
  • Robert M. Burger, Staff Vice President and Chief Scientist

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