SRC's Board of Directors holds the first-ever Board retreat, developing a plan to minimize research cycle time and improve technology transfer; a key decision is to create an electronically distributed SRC Research Catalog.


  • SRC works closely with the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), SEMATECH and other industry and government leaders to update the National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors; by defining industry needs for the next 15 years, the updated Roadmap helps guide investment decisions, decrease gaps in technology efforts, and coordinate national research and development efforts.
  • More than $29 million in research contracts at 49 major North American universities and research institutions are funded and managed.
  • Research programs result in 21 new patents.
  • SRC supports 855 students at 49 universities; SRC-sponsored researchers account for about 10 percent of all electrical and computer engineering Ph.D.'s granted each year.
For specific research areas and results, please see this year's annual report. »

1994 Officers

  • Owen P. Williams, Board Chairman
  • Larry W. Sumney, CEO
  • Linda L. Gardner, Secretary

1994 Board of Directors

  • William T. Siegle Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • C. Mark Melliar-Smith AT&T
  • Thomas F. Gannon Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Rajinder P. Khosla Eastman Kodak Company
  • Walter Class Eaton Corporation
  • Jeffrey D. Peters Harris Corporation
  • George E. Bodway Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Michael Polcari IBM Corporation
  • Sunlin Chou Intel Corporation
  • Joseph M. Zelayeta LSI Corporation
  • Owen P. Williams, Chairman Motorola, Incorporated
  • Charles Carinalli National Semiconductor Corporation
  • Claudine Simson NORTEL
  • Larry W. Sumney Semiconductor Research Corporation
  • Pallab K. Chatterjee Texas Instruments Incorporated

1994 SRC Senior Staff

  • Larry W. Sumney, President & CEO
  • Robert M. Burger, Vice President and Chief Scientist
  • James F. Freedman, Vice President, Research Integration & Technology Transfer
  • William C. (Bill) Holton, Vice President, Research Operations

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