Creating Synergy

Craig Barrett
Former Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

The SRC model is all about synergy. It brings together individual industry competitors to work jointly for the benefit of all. It is clearly understood that when the industry moves forward and the proverbial pie gets bigger, every participating entity enjoys greater success. And SRC's groundbreaking collaborative model works as an effective means to this end.

Since 1982 SRC has been bringing together industry and academic researchers to create a unique collaboration not accomplished by any other organization. With industry-directed research, member companies have equal access to pre-competitive technology breakthroughs that allow them to stay one step ahead in the marketplace. Participating universities also collaborate to play an integral part in creating the future of technology—whether it's the next big thing, the technologies of tomorrow, or discoveries beyond current imaginings.

Semiconductor Research Corporation creates and supports collaborative university research programs focused on pre-competitive technologies. The programs are cooperatively sponsored by universities, industry rivals and government agencies, resulting in increased competitiveness among all member organizations.