About Student Programs

Providing invaluable opportunity for the next generation of innovators, SRC’s student programs engage undergraduate and graduate students in relevant research that benefits our member companies.

SRC's Next Generation of Innovators

Electrical engineering, Material Engineering and Science, Computer Engineering and Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering lead the way in our graduate degrees

During 2014 student programs impacted the research, innovation and educational goals of over 2200 students that make up the critical workforce driving the semiconductor sector. Through our comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs, SRC enhances the visibility of member companies, provides industry opportunities for the world’s best and brightest students, and leads the way in supplying relevantly educated talent to our members. By understanding the member needs in developing the human capital ecosystem, SRC is strongly positioned to provide the talent that can take the lead.


This past September, SRC hosted 250 students at its 16th Annual TECHCON - the premier industry event to showcase the best university research sponsored by SRC membership. The conference brings together industry, government, and academia to showcase investment in innovation that impacts and drives the semiconductor space and global economy while developing the next generation of talent and scientific leadership.

TECHCON continues to be be the leading opportunity for SRC students nearing completion of their degree to present research, network with peers and explore career opportunities with SRC members - all within a truly collaborative environment.

All questions about Student Programs should be sent to students@src.org.