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Students are encouraged to actively participate in SRC sponsored events not only as a way of advancing their research, but also for networking with industry experts and with students and faculty from other universities.

SRC Calendar

For a complete listing of upcoming SRC sponsored events, please see the SRC Calendar.

Research Reviews

SRC conducts research reviews in each of the three program areas. The review is arranged by the Principal Investigator (PI) and the SRC. The purpose is to evaluate accomplishments, showcase annual results, review plans for continuing research and to give visibility to students. SRC staff, faculty, student researchers, industry members and other interested personal may attend the review. The review may be held at the PI's university or may be included in a broad area review with similar projects at another site.

The annual review is very important; it is a good opportunity to communicate with a large number of people interested in your research, and who in turn make decisions about its relevance to the industry. Reviews often include student presentations and poster sessions. Review attendees look for succinct presentations that highlight not only the technical accomplishments, but their significance to the critical challenges facing the industry. Additionally, they look at follow-through plans for the next year. Students are encouraged to participate in these reviews.


TECHCON is a premier technical conference designed to present the best research sponsored by the SRC community and to showcase the students who perform the research. It is also the venue for recognizing industry and university participants who make SRC a world-class research management organization. Beginning in 2008, TECHCON has been held annually. SRC students are invited to respond to the Call for Abstracts issued in January.


e-Workshops are special e-Meetings that serve as a timely way of transferring technology from the research community to member companies. These events offer focused, in-depth presentations on topics that are chosen in consultation with SRC member companies.

SRC's Technology Transfer e-Workshops are webcasts delivered by invited experts from the SRC research community. Produced in consultation with member representatives, their purpose is to keep members in touch with current research. All e-Workshops are recorded with synchronized slides and audio and are available for replay via streaming media. Presentations are given by invited experts from the research community and provide students another way to interact with industry members.

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