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Students are a valuable "product" of the SRC research program, and companies consider student information to be a primary source of value from their investment.

Student information collected via the SRC website is the way SRC receives student data. Student information is collected and stored in the SRC database as the definitive record of student participation. The student information is then available on Pillar Science for member company access. It is vital that information is received about new and graduated students in a timely manner - especially graduation dates - so that information provided to members and recruiters is accurate.

Get added to the Project

Ask your advisor or the SRC Principal Investigator to add you to the project in Pillar Science. Learn more about managing SRC Research Scholars.

Sign up for an account on the SRC website

Sign up for an account on the SRC website and follow the links to Pillar Science. Be sure to use your University email address or you will not be able to proceed.

Website Registration

Once the PI has added you to the correct project, make sure your profile in Pillar Science is set up correctly. 

Student/Postdoctoral Researcher Information

All students working on SRC-funded research must complete this online form to provide basic information so a record can be added to the database. An SRC student is defined as a regularly enrolled Masters or Ph.D. student who has been and is currently, or is planned to be, working on a research task that is funded under an SRC research contract for at least one full academic term. Students may be fully or partially funded by a contract or leveraged, but must be working directly on a task funded by the contract. Students working on SRC funded research are recruited by the Principal Investigator or Task Leader. Once invited by faculty to join an SRC funded research group, a student can register online here. Be sure to use a university email address.  

Student / Postdoctoral Researcher Completion Information

Students should edit their information via the SRC website once their research participation is over. Information requested will include graduation dates, research completion dates, reasons for ending participation, employment information, etc.

Student Annual Report

This is an update of all student information. A request is sent to the Principal Investigator in conjunction with the annual research review. Students may be requested to check their own information for accuracy.

Student Semi-Annual Report

This is an update of all student information. An e-mail request is sent to the Principal Investigator 30 days before contract start or renewal and again mid-year requesting an update to all student information. Students may be requested to check their own information. The request made at contract start/renewal is a contractual obligation.


It is the student's responsibility to submit a resume for posting to the SRC website. 

All students must be in the SRC student database to participate in any SRC programs or events and to access the secure website. Students are encouraged to update their personal information via the website on a regular basis.

Student information can be updated online by logging into the website and choosing "View/Edit my student profile" from the My Tools area of the My SRC Page. 

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