Student Handbook

VII. Research Publication Submission Information

Research publications are one of the products for transfer from the SRC university community to industry members. When a research publication is written, SRC requires that it be submitted to SRC via the website and upon receipt and review, the publication will be available to members via the SRC website.

Some of the publications you may be submitting as a student working on SRC research are:

  • Annual Reviews - a presentation given at a research review (typically in .ppt format)
  • Papers- a paper written for a periodical, journal or conference (Must be submitted 60 days prior to publication)
  • Presentations - a presentation given at a conference (typically a .pdf file converted from a .ppt file) (Must be submitted 60 days prior to the conference)
  • Thesis - The MS thesis (if one is required by the university) and the PhD thesis are the final output of your university research and should be submitted in the same way that other publications are submitted.

To submit a publication you must be identified as a principal investigator, task leader, student or administrative assistant assigned to a research theme, and you must have an active SRC website user account.

For more information on submitting documents online, please refer to the Online Document Submission Guidelines. These guidelines will ensure that you have all the required information before you start to submit a document.

Technical Papers and Conference Presentations

A large component of the value proposition of SRC to members is early access to technical advances. SRC research contracts require that early (pre-release) versions of all papers and conference presentations be submitted via the SRC website.

Instructions and Requirements for Submitting

Submit a copy of drafts prepared for technical publications or conference presentations to the SRC website at the time of submission to the periodical or conference:

  • Add the following text to the front page of the document:
    • Confidential: This is a draft of a future a paper/presentation. It is for member consumption only. Do not share it with anyone outside of the member community.
  • Log onto the SRC website and go to the Submit a Publication Form.
  • Enter the appropriate Research ID
  • Select the task or theme your research belongs to (e.g., 425.001)
  • Enter the requested information in each box
  • Upload the file
  • Review the information for have entered
  • Click the submit button

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