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About Semiconductor Research Corporation

Research in Action

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is the world's leading technology research consortium. With member companies and university research programs spanning the globe, SRC plays an indispensable part in the R&D strategies of the industry's most influential entities. SRC-sponsored university research is of the highest caliber and creates knowledge breakthroughs that will invent the industries of tomorrow.

Making an Impact

For more than thirty years, members of SRC research programs have invested millions in cutting-edge semiconductor research while supporting thousands of elite students and hundreds of faculty members at scores of universities worldwide. The diverse programs engage and challenge the most talented students in science, engineering and technology. While SRC graduates accrue a definitive advantage over their peers, SRC member companies and funding organizations secure access to the industry's next big thing - and to big and small innovations still waiting to be discovered.

SRC History

Cooperative Research: The New Paradigm - A history of the SRC through 1996, from the perspective of long-time SRC VP and Chief Scientist Robert Burger.

SRC Milestones - A year-by-year review highlighting SRC's growth and impact on industry.

SRC: Celebrating 30 Years - Ralph Cavin, former VP and Research Director, investigates SRC's impact on the semiconductor industry—on the occasion of the consortium's 30th anniversary.

More about SRC

Find out more about SRC programs, research, and people by viewing one of our short website video tours. Get answers to your questions, or ask your own, at our FAQ.

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