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SRC is a non-profit consortium that works with industry, government and academia partners to define, fund and manage university research on behalf of its member companies. Participants gain access to research results and fundamental IP used to compete in the dynamic global marketplace, while recruiting from highly trained students to build the workforce of tomorrow.


Website Access & Account Registration

The SRC website hosts a number of features that are only available to SRC members. In order to access these features, please register for a website account; you just need to have your corporate email address handy. Having trouble? Watch this account registration video.


Research Catalog

The Research Catalog contains a catalog page for each task to which you have access; each page contains a summary of the task, a list of participants (including students and liaisons), deliverables, and other details. The Research Catalog has many different parameters so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Watch this video for more information about how to use the Library filters. You can also take this path to find specific research.  

Publication Documents

From annual reviews to theses, posters to papers, our Publications Library contains years' worth of research results and presentations. In addition, members get early access to research with submitted pre-publications. Watch this video for more information about how to use the Library filters.


When looking for information on our website, you have the option to use our full-text search or the Library. Learn more here.


Access to student resumes as well as students’ research participation and SRC publication history is available in the Student Directory. Additionally, you can download a zip file containing resumes for multiple students with a single click. If you have trouble, use this video to learn more about how the filters work in the Student Directory.  

Membership & Engagement

Become a Liaison

The liaison role has become a powerful tool for maximizing the value of SRC membership. Liaisons are member company employees who sign up on one or more SRC research efforts. By doing so, they provide a helping hand, and reap benefits for their companies in terms of early transfer of useful findings and technology.

The joy of this program is in its flexibility. While the basics are simple—liaisons connect their companies to the research and to researchers—implementation is really up to you and your company.

Learn more or sign up here.

My company @ SRC

The @SRC page (sometimes referred to as the My Company page) will give you targeted details about your company's participation with SRC. By reviewing the @SRC page, you will have information about how engaged your employees are and what your company is interested in. Learn more here

Website Personalization & Email

My SRC Dashboard

The customized My SRC page captures your current activities and interests, based on events and research that you've signed up for. Use this page to keep up with what's new and upcoming and to find items from your recent interactions. 

Report subscriptions

There are a number of reports that you can subscribe to that help characterize your company's engagement with SRC. There's also a help page for these report subscriptions. 

My Events & My Research

Sign up for regular emails that deliver personalized content based on your My Events and My Research containers from the My SRC page. Learn more here.


Depending on which program you are a member of, you may be able to access and subscribe to relevant Newsletters. 

Need help?

If at any time you get stuck, encounter a problem, or just have a simple question, you can email webmaster, use the contact page, or check the FAQ. We love the opportunity to give our members a website tour.

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