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 Early access to research results and publications

 Wellspring of industry-ready students available for internship and hire

 Connect and collaborate with principal investigators and university students

 Network of industry experts with overlapping areas of interest

 Support provided by SRC Staff and Program managers

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Learn our language

Trying to figure out the difference between SRC, GRC, and LMD? We can help.

SRC is comprised of various research programs, and the research tasks in each program are organized by research category or Center. Your company may have invested in a single research category, an entire research program, or multiple programs.

We also maintain a list of terms and acronyms used by the SRC community.

Discover the what and who that matters to your company

Find details about membership and participation on your company-specific @SRC page. Here you can learn where employees are engaged (liaisons, committees, and boards) and what your company is interested in. Learn more about this tool.

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Find all of your company's sponsored research across all SRC programs.

Or start by learning about the unique research programs.

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Attend an event (or catch up on the ones you missed)

e-Workshops and annual Research Reviews are two great ways to learn more about what's happening on individual research tasks, and both are available to you no matter where in the world you are.

e-Workshop CalendarAll Events

e-Workshops are recorded and available for up to a year following the event. Find a recorded e-Workshop

Bring about meaningful technology transfer

You can increase the value of your company's membership by participating in the research.

Liaison Advisory Board

As a company employee you can join as a liaison to any research that your company is sponsoring. Liaisons help transfer technology from the research into the company, either personally or by offering company internships to SRC graduate students. Liaisons also help university researchers understand industry problems, bridging the conventional gap between academia and industry.

Connect with an Advisory Board member from your company to help steer the future of research.

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Tap into our resources

We make finding information easy, and provide a number of different reporting mechanisms. Explore the options below.

Feature Description Instructions Site Location
SRC Reports Research details, event attendance (both prior and upcoming), and company personnel participation Detailed explanation Manage Reports
Event Subscription Monthly email digest of all SRC events Look for the green Subscribe button Calendar
SRC Newsletter Monthly coverage of SRC highlights and features Click to send email→ Subscribe by email
Research Subscription If you are a participant in research, it's a simple click to sign up for monthly updates about your research 1 minute how to video My SRC dashboard
Importance/Satisfaction (IS) Ratings Available for GRC research tasks, view your company's IS Ratings and how they compare to other consortia participants Overview @SRC dashboard
Custom funded research For GRC research tasks only. Capture current and historical custom funding for your company. A great way to see what's really important to your company. Overview @SRC dashboard
Research documents Journal publications, presentations, deliverable reports, conference posters, and more, all cataloged in our Library. Detailed explanation Library

Find student talent

Research runs on students.

Take advantage of our terrific pool of talented and industry-trained undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers.

Search the Student Directory today. Here you can easily narrow our large talent pool based on time to graduation, interest in an internship, resume on file, and other common search requests. 

Dig deeper

You already know how to search for things on the Internet. Put your skills to work with the SRC website search.

Our powerful internal site search allows you to filter results to ensure you find what you're looking for. Check out some of our filter options.


The search feature is located at the top of every page of the site, and included here for your convenience.



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