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Mission:  Attract and educate students of science and engineering through use-inspired research and industry connections, and promote their transition into careers that make a difference.

SRC Education Alliance

As a private foundation, SRC Education Alliance (SRCEA) develops sources of funding to provide undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students with a unique education consisting of traditional coursework, cutting-edge research, and direct interaction with the semiconductor industry.

Each year, 1500 students are supported by SRC and SRCEA through research contracts and grants, fellowships and scholarships, and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) program. By offering financial support, mentoring, and industry-relevant research with SRC-funded faculty who are recognized experts in their fields, SRCEA attracts the brightest students and helps them forge their pathway to become technology leaders and drive tomorrow's innovations.

Since SRC’s inception in 1982, more than 8,000 students have contributed to significant research and published thousands of technical papers. Our alumni have become industry leaders and renowned faculty researchers. 

There is no other organization that provides the synergy of these student programs on such a significant scale. Technologically educated individuals make a difference in areas that are important to the economy and industry, as well as to national security and quality of life. Won’t you join us in helping to produce the innovators and leaders of tomorrow?

SRC Undergraduate Student Wins President's Cup for Class of 2015

  1. presidents-cup-uro-grad-2015 16-Jun-2015

    SRC undergraduate student Eiman Elghanam has won His Highness Dr Sultan Al-Qassimi AUS President Cup for Class 2015. This is the highest accord a student can achieve at American University of Sharjah (AUS) for outstanding academic performance. Eiman will continue working on SRC research as a master's student.

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Benjamin Niewenhuis, CMU, awarded inaugural IBM SRC Robert H. Dennard Fellowship

  1. robert-dennard-thumbnail 20-May-2015 Read More
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