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Making a Difference

New Research Topics

Check out the new research topics that are in the early stages of development or will soon have a kickoff workshop to form research directions. Interest from existing members or new, interested organizations is encouraged.

Research Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

SRC directs millions of dollars to research teams at universities worldwide.
For up-to-date descriptions of research needs, solicitation schedules, and information on how you can join the SRC research community, check out our research funding opportunities.

Education Alliance

Student researchers

A private foundation, the Education Alliance is committed to supporting a diversity of science and engineering students at various levels of education, encouraging them to pursue careers as innovators and technology leaders.

Creating Synergy

Craig Barrett

"The SRC model is all about synergy. It brings together individual industry competitors to work jointly for the benefit of all.

"It is clearly understood that when the industry moves forward and the proverbial pie gets bigger, every participating entity enjoys greater success. And SRC's groundbreaking collaborative model works as an effective means to this end."

Craig Barrett, Former Board Chairman, Intel