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  • Rebooting the IT Revolution chart

    Rebooting the IT Revolution:
    A Call to Action

    This report, produced by SIA and SRC with support from NSF, urges a large-scale, public-private research initiative to realize the full benefits of the Internet of Things, Big Data, and other transformative technologies.

  • 7-Dec-2016

    SRC Doctoral Graduate Wins International Award

    Ran Wang, who graduated from the ECE PhD program at Duke University in March 2016, has won the IEEE Test Technology Technical Council's E. J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award. This award is presented once a year on the basis of a worldwide competition that involves evaluation by judges from academia and by industry experts who attend presentations by the nominees at conferences.

  • 5-Dec-2016

    2017 STARnet Undergraduate Research Internships

    We are pleased to announce the 2017 STARnet Undergraduate Research Internship competition is now open. Deadline for applications is January 9, 2017.

  • 18-Nov-2016

    2017 Simon Karecki Award - Call for Nominations

    Nominations for the Simon Karecki Award are accepted at any time, but must be submitted by 5 pm ET on January 19, 2017.

  • 7-Nov-2016

    2017-2018 SRC Fellowship and Scholarship Competition

    The annual competition for Fellowships and Scholarships is now open. All applications and supporting materials must be submitted no later Friday, February 10, 2017.

  • 24-Oct-2016

    SRC and NSF Fund New Projects to Advance Energy-efficient Computing

    NSF and SRC have jointly awarded $21.6 million for nine new projects to find revolutionary solutions that will enable more energy-efficient computing, from brain-inspired computer architectures to hybrid digital-analog designs.

  • 17-Oct-2016

    Former SRC-funded Research Professor wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    Fraser Stoddart's work in molecular nanotechnology enabled the development of molecular motors and switches that could revolutionize applications ranging from memory storage to healthcare. SRC helped to fund Stoddart's research at UCLA and Northwestern from 2003 to 2013.

  • 5-Oct-2016

    SRC and NSF Sponsor Workshop on ‘Intelligent Cognitive Assistants’

    On May 12-13th, 2016 a workshop entitled ‘Intelligent Cognitive Assistants’ was organized by the SRC and sponsored by the NSF. The workshop drew experts from a broad set of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, computational neuroscience, robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer science and engineering from across  industry and academia.

  • 11-Sep-2016

    Tsu-Jae King Liu of UC Berkeley Receives 2016 Aristotle Award

    The Aristotle Award recognizes SRC-supported faculty whose deep commitment to SRC students' educational experience has resulted in a significant ongoing impact on their professional performance and, in turn, on SRC members.

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Check out the new research topics that are in the early stages of development or will soon have a kickoff workshop to form research directions. Interest from existing members or new, interested organizations is encouraged.

Research Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

SRC directs millions of dollars to research teams at universities worldwide.
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A private foundation, the Education Alliance is committed to supporting a diversity of science and engineering students at various levels of education, encouraging them to pursue careers as innovators and technology leaders.

Creating Synergy

Craig Barrett

"The SRC model is all about synergy. It brings together individual industry competitors to work jointly for the benefit of all.

"It is clearly understood that when the industry moves forward and the proverbial pie gets bigger, every participating entity enjoys greater success. And SRC's groundbreaking collaborative model works as an effective means to this end."

Craig Barrett, Former Board Chairman, Intel