Global Research Collaboration

Ken Hansen, GRC Executive Director (Acting)

Our motivation is to fund the most relevant and critical research for international companies, so we go where the best university talent is—around the globe.

AMS-CSD Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits, Systems, and Devices

This research extends the frontiers of analog/mixed-signal/RF design and technology by creating fundamental innovations in integrated circuits and systems that improve energy efficiency, health care, public safety, and security. More »

CADT Computer-Aided Design and Test

Computer-aided design and test are critical to extracting the highest performance from each technology node, poised to leverage new technologies—and needed to squeeze even more out of older technologies. More »

EP3C Efficiency and Performance for Connectivity Constrained Computing

This fundamental research will identify disruptive solutions designed to minimize the energy cost of moving data. More »

ESH Environment, Safety, and Health

Exploration of greener material and process pathways is critically important in enabling environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing solutions for future semiconductor devices. More »

I3T Innovative and Intelligent Internet of Things

This research enables breakthrough technologies for the next generation of intelligent, connected, and autonomous devices. More »

LMD Logic and Memory Devices

This research acquires scientific knowledge and innovation in logic and memory devices, required for optimum IC performance in speed, density, and power. More »

NMP Nanomanufacturing Materials and Processes

The need for integrating new materials and processes in each new generation of semiconductor manufacturing technology has become more the norm than the exception in striving to achieve gains in density, performance, and functionality. More »

PKG Packaging

Focusing on advanced packaging solutions for high performance computing, Internet of Things, and extreme environment applications. More »

SemiSynBio Semiconductor Synthetic Biology

We anticipate that research on hybrid bio-semiconductor systems will accelerate advancements in the capabilities and applications of future-generation integrated circuits. More »

SLD System Level Design

Research in system-level design—from early design-space exploration to post-silicon validation—continues to be critically important, especially as the demand for high performance and embedded systems increases. More »

T3S Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems

We're focusing on tools, techniques, and strategies for the design and manufacture of trustworthy chips and systems. More »

Did you know?

  1. SRC has developed and documented concepts, studies, and research directions.

    You can use the SRC Library to find older GRC research catalog pages and publications under historical sciences areas and historical thrusts.

Calls for Nominations for 2017 SRC Awards Now Open

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    The Call for Nominations for the 2017 Aristotle Award, Technical Excellence Award, and the Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Awards are now open.

    Nominations for all calls are due by Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Please see each Call for Nominations for complete information, criteria and nomination forms.

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