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“Our motivation is to fund the most relevant and critical research for international companies, so we go where the best university talent is—around the globe.” – Steve Hillenius, GRC Executive Director

Computer Aided Design & Test Sciences
CADTS provides research leadership in electronic design automation by making available leading-edge university research results, tools and materials for the design and test of advanced electronic circuits and systems. » More
Integrated Circuit & Systems Sciences
ICSS addresses research in advanced circuit and systems design with a focus on application spaces that are driving the industry forward. » More
Device Sciences
DS seeks innovation and scientific knowledge in research/development of front-end semiconductor devices and technologies to ultimately enable high-performance circuits and systems to sustain continued advances in electronics. » More
Interconnect & Packaging Sciences
IPS is working to create and explore advanced evolutionary and revolutionary technologies for connecting elemental devices to each other and the macro world. » More
Nanomanufacturing Sciences
Nanomanufacturing Sciences explores sustainable, high-performance semiconductor materials and processes for manufacturing digital and mixed-signal technologies. » More
Cross-Disciplinary Semiconductor Research
The goal of the CSR is to foster exploratory, multi-disciplinary, high-risk university research leading to novel high-payoff solutions for the technology challenges faced by the semiconductor industry. » More

SRC Student Researchers Win Awards at DAC SIGDA Ph.D. Forum

  1. sigda-forum 2-Jul-2014

    This year, research connected to SRC-supported projects were recognized with two of the three awards.

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GRC Metrics

  1. Current

    349 Research Tasks
    108 Universities
    712 Students
    356 Faculty Researchers
    563 Industry Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    30 Contract Starts
    36 Task Starts
    927 Research Publications
    19 Patent Applications
    7 Patents Granted
  3. Last Year

    96 Contract Starts
    140 Task Starts
    1,774 Research Publications
    20 Patent Applications
    9 Patents Granted
  4. Since Inception

    3,413 Contracts
    3,002 Research Tasks
    275 Universities
    7,731 Students
    1,852 Faculty Researchers
    3,572 Industry Liaison Personnel
    30,648 Research Publications
    703 Patent Applications
    328 Patents Granted
Updated: 10-Jul-2014 8:10 PM
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