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Develop the Workforce

Liaisons serve as mentors, providing guidance and inspiration to graduate students preparing to enter the semiconductor industry. Liaisons help students achieve academic excellence through real-life exposure to industry practices. Often the mentoring relationships lead to internships or summer hires, and liaisons frequently serve on a student's thesis advisory or final exam committee.

Contribute to Research

Encouraging dialogue and technology exchange between the university and industry communities is a major role of liaisons. Their expertise, equipment, and feedback—as well as guidance and material assistance—bridge the conventional gap between academia and industry. Through this cooperation, research is use-inspired, and results are more rapid and relevant.

Access New Technology

Liaisons are ideally positioned to ensure that new research breakthroughs are actually applied in a timely manner. Through their work with university researchers, liaisons gain valuable insights into the problems and solutions that will ultimately impact industry competitiveness, and they provide an effective way to deliver actionable research results directly to their companies.

Identify the Best

Each year, GRC and STARnet members identify the most compelling research from current and recent tasks and themes. Because of their close association with research efforts, liaisons are often invited to participate in this assessment.


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