Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Award

The Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Award was named in memory of longtime SRC Liaison Program advocate from AMD.

The SRC Liaison Program is a powerful partnership that brings together university researchers, graduate students, and semiconductor industry experts. The SRC Liaison Program is one of the most effective methods developed by SRC to provide its members with early access to key technologies, substantial leverage in the explicit direction of technology development, and ultimate transfer of semiconductor technology from the research base to the supporting industry. Liaisons provide a helping hand and reap benefits for their companies in terms of early transfer of useful findings and technology.

mahboob khan Mahboob Khan

Between when Mahboob Khan began working with SRC in 1987 and his too-soon passing in 1999, Mahboob was instrumental in advancing the SRC Liaison Program. At AMD, Mahboob created a model program for managing liaisons through grassroots recruiting and personal empowerment, and he freely shared best practices with other member companies. Mahboob understood that engaged liaisons drive themselves, their company, and the next generation forward.

Not content with just supporting the SRC Liaison Program, he was also a thoughtful and consistent contributor to various technical and executive SRC committees. He emphasized SRC's student workforce, consistently locating internship opportunities at AMD. He showed respect for the people he worked with and treated them as colleagues. His impact was felt in his interactions with SRC, university researchers, liaisons, students, and other member companies.

The Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Award is presented to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the SRC community in their roles as liaisons. Recipients represent engaged liaisons whose commitment meaningfully enhances the SRC research program.

The award is presented at TECHCON.

Award Recipients

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