Advancing precompetitive technologies through collaborative research, and educating the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Global Research Collaboration


Global Research Collaboration harnesses research from the world's top universities and converts it into significant competitive advantage for SRC member companies. Industry-driven and pre-competitive, this research focuses on the next breakthrough in semiconductor technology. GRC has invested more than a billion dollars and worked with several thousand students in hundreds of universities worldwide—not only developing essential technology, but creating the future leaders and innovators in the industry.

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STARnet Research


STARnet is a collaborative network of research centers sponsored by U.S. industry participants and DARPA. Its mission is to enable the continued pace of growth of the microelectronics industry with discoveries which release the evolutionary constraints of traditional semiconductor technology development. STARnet research, guided by the university center directors, tackles fundamental physical problems and forges a nationwide effort to keep the United States and its technology firms at the forefront of the global microelectronics revolution.

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Nanoelectronics Research Initiative


Nanoelectronics Research Initiative is a consortium of companies in the Semiconductor Industry Association seeking to find a device that can scale computer technology beyond CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). This university-based research, cooperatively funded by industry and state governments, is looking toward nanoelectronics in the year 2020—further out than anyone else. With a goal of discovering the next switch—a new mechanism beyond a better transistor, NRI engages the most talented students to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow’s technology industry.

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Education Alliance


The new and expanding Education Alliance will leverage the past successes of SRC. By garnering additional funding from sources beyond SRC’s industry membership, the Education Alliance will be able to attract and support more students and will effectively increase the amount of funding for industry-related research. The Alliance is also a natural way to begin applying the SRC model to a wider range of science and engineering industries.

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Focus Center Research Program (Legacy)


The Focus Center Research Program was a cooperative multi-university program sponsored by U.S. industry and the federal government. FCRP Phase V ended in early 2013. Founded in order to maintain the historic productivity growth curve of semiconductor technology, FCRP engaged scores of universities and hundreds of faculty and students. Phase VI is underway as STARnet (see above). 

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Energy Research Initiative (Legacy)


Energy Research Initiative is a consortium of semiconductor and energy companies whose mission is to address the world's need for smart alternative energy. The consortium will address issues such as sources, storage, distribution and a secure infrastructure. Initial research focuses on the need for new modeling and simulation tools to support the development of improved photovoltaic devices. It will also develop systems and technologies that enable an efficient, reliable and secure smart grid electricity infrastructure integrated with renewable energy resources.

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