Applications Driving Architectures Center

Valeria Bertacco (University of Michigan), Center Director

The ADA Center will reignite system design innovation by drawing on opportunities in application driven architecture and system-driven technology advances, with support from agile system design frameworks that encompass programming languages to implementation technologies. The center’s innovative solutions will be evaluated and quantified against a common set of benchmarks, which will also be expanded as part of the center efforts. These benchmarks will be initially derived from core computational aspects of two application domains: visual computing and natural language processing. These will be expanded to include application drivers from the JUMP vertical centers. To solidify the expected performance, energy, and design cost improvements brought upon by the center, we analyzed two primordial instances of these workloads that can be executed on today’s systems and estimated that the center’s innovations will enable a 100x boost in power savings or an over 20x improvement in throughput with a latency reduction of 4x. Both shall be achieved with a 5x reduction in designer’s effort. This reduction in designer’s effort translates into lower costs of new designs and, equally importantly, a potential exponential growth in the size of the designers’ population. These two factors will reignite fast-paced innovation trends in electronic system design and support advancement for the 2025-2035 timeframe.

ADA Metrics

  1. Current

    20 Research Tasks
    9 Universities
    31 Students
    18 Faculty Researchers
    11 Liaison Personnel
  2. This Year

    20 Task Starts
    1 Research Publications
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