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Information for students and member company recruiters.

Student Programs

Since 1982 SRC has supported over 8,000 students as part of its unique collaborative research model. Of the SRC-supported students, nearly 60% of those graduated have joined sponsoring organizations or university faculties, or have continued on to pursue a higher degree. These students provide a path for technology transfer and an invaluable source of relevantly educated technical talent for the industry.

Benefits for Members

Member companies benefit greatly from SRC-sponsored student programs, as these organizations gain valuable access to this pool of talented, experienced student researchers. Member company personnel can use the student directory to find students whose backgrounds meet their interests. Many sponsored events around the country also allow industry recruiters the opportunity to meet and interact with these students.

Benefits for Students

Funding to do cutting-edge research is at the top of the list of benefits for SRC students. Students may be fully or partially funded through the research contracts. Students may also apply for funding through the Graduate Fellowship Program or the Master's Scholarship Program. Interaction with SRC member company experts is next on the list of benefits identified by students. Resume distribution through the SRC website increases student opportunities for internships and full-time hire through direct industry contact. SRC sponsored events provide opportunities to network with a wide range of industry experts and other students and faculty who are funded by SRC.

SRC Student Researchers Win Awards at DAC SIGDA Ph.D. Forum

  1. sigda-forum 2-Jul-2014

    This year, research connected to SRC-supported projects were recognized with two of the three awards.

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Registration for TECHCON 2014 Now Open

  1. techcon-2014-icon-news-leader 2-Jun-2014

    TECHCON 2014 is scheduled for September 7 - 9 in Austin Texas this year. The Conference At-a-Glance and session listings are now available online.

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Student Metrics

  1. Current

    1,884 Students in SRC Programs
    292 Graduating in Next 6 Months
    1,294 Resume on File
    116 Looking for Internship
    712 on GRC Research
    578 on STARnet Research
    143 on NRI Research
    15 on ERI Research
    15 on MSR-SEMATECH Research
    72 in Multiple SRC Programs
    2 Masters Scholars
    14 Graduate Fellows
  2. Since Inception

    11,261 Students in SRC Programs
    7,731 on GRC Research
    655 on STARnet Research
    562 on NRI Research
    38 on ERI Research
    19 on MSR-SEMATECH Research
    2,094 on FCRP Research
    5 on 3D-EC Research
    100 Masters Scholars
    294 Graduate Fellows
Updated: 11-Jul-2014 8:10 PM
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