2021 VSLI Symposia Contributions from the SRC Community


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VLSI Symposia 2021

The VLSI Symposia seeks to transform lifestyles through new challenges in semiconductor technology and circuits for the new normal


Paper T2-4 First Demonstration of Atomic-Layer-Deposited BEOL-Compatible In2O3 3D Fin Transistors and Integrated Circuits: High Mobility of 113 cm2 /V•s, Maximum Drain Current of 2.5 mA/μm and Maximum Voltage Gain of 38 V/V in In2O3 Inverter
Mengwei Si (Purdue), Zehao Lin (Purdue), Zhizhong Chen (Purdue), Peide D. Ye (Purdue)
SRC JUMP Task 2776.005

Paper T5-3 Dagger: Cryogenic RF CMOS on 22nm FDSOI Platform with Record fT=495GHz and fMAX=497GHz
Wriddhi d. Chakraborty (Notre Dame), Khandker Akif Aabrar (Notre Dame), Jorge T. Gomez (Notre Dame), Rakshith Saligram (GA Tech), Arijit Raychowdhury (GA Tech), Patrick Fay (Notre Dame), Suman Datta (Notre Dame)
SRC JUMP Task 2776.065;

Paper T7-1 Higher-k Zirconium Doped Hafnium Oxide (HZO) Trigate Transistors with Higher DC and RF Performance and Improved Reliability
Wriddhi d. Chakraborty (Notre Dame), Matthew San Jose (Notre Dame), Jorge T. Gomez (Notre Dame), Atanu Kumar Saha (Purdue), Khandker Akif Aabrar (Notre Dame), Patrick Fay (Notre Dame), Sumeet K. Gupta (Purdue), Suman Datta (Notre Dame)
SRC JUMP Task 2776.014

Paper T13-4 One-Shot Learning with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks Using a 64-kbit, 118 GOPS/W RRAM-Based Non-Volatile Associative Memory
Haitong Li (Stanford), Wei-Chen Chen (Stanford), Akash Levy (Stanford), Ching-Hua Wang (Stanford), Hongjie Wang (Stanford), Po-Han Chen (Stanford), Weier Wan (Stanford), H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford), Priyanka Raina (Stanford)
SRC JUMP Task 2776.072;


Paper JFS2-2 PIMCA: A 3.4-Mb Programmable In-Memory Computing Accelerator in 28nm for On-Chip DNN Inference
Shihui Yin (Arizona State), Bo Zhang (Columbia), Minkyu Kim (Arizona State), Jyotishman Saikia (Arizona State), Soonwan Kwon (Samsung), Sungmeen Myung (Samsung), Hyunsoo Kim (Samsung), Sang Joon Kim (Samsung), Mingoo Seok (Columbia), Jae-sun Seo (Arizona State)
SRC JUMP Task 2777.004; 2777.005


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