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This short clip will explain who can benefit from registering for a website account, and walks you through Account Registration step-by-step.

Although not shown in the video, it's easy to reset your password or retrieve your username if you already have an account. Note that if you receive the following error, "There is no account on file for that email address," please register for a new account.

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More about SRC Web Accounts

Updating Account Information

Because of the secure nature of the information transmitted via the SRC sites, it is important that you keep your Web account information current. Please notify the SRC webmaster of any changes in your employment or to update your email address. You can make all other changes in your SRC Profile once logged in.

If you change employers after activating a SRC Web account, you will need to close that account and activate a new one, assuming your new employer is also a member of SRC. This may be done by contacting the SRC webmaster.

University researcher and student participants maintain their website access eligibility for 90 days past the end date of the research contract. This enables the research team time to submit final documents and update resumes.

Account Eligibility

Review a sample website user agreement

The SRC website's primary purpose is to serve the research needs of its members and participants. Most information available on the SRC website is restricted to those with valid website accounts. Any individual who provides us with required information such as their organizational email address and country of residence may have an account on our site. You will be given additional access to content on the SRC website if you are:

  1. Employed in good standing at an SRC member company or participating government agency; OR
  2. A member of the research team working in an active SRC-sponsored university research program; AND you agree to protect the value of early access to research results to member companies that sponsor SRC research; OR
  3. Invited by an authorized representative of an SRC research program.

In addition to being eligible for a website account, you must certify and agree to the terms and conditions of the user agreement. Terms of the user agreement take precedence over any other information in this document. Technical information on this site is a private communication by the Semiconductor Research Corporation and, as such, access and distribution is limited to employees of SRC member companies and participating government agencies and to eligible participants in SRC-sponsored university research programs. Each user must agree to not provide website materials, including research results, to anyone outside the SRC member company and SRC sponsored university community. Access to, receipt of, and disposition of information, technology, technical data or software from the SRC website including accessing website content, exporting or re-exporting website content, and distribution of website content shall be in accordance with U.S. export control laws and regulations.

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