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  • P092931 GRC Deliverable Report

    Matlab Model Report

    Research Report Highlight

    TxACE researchers at Michigan discuss stability tradeoffs for a SMASH sigma-delta modulators for use in high resolution ADCs. A canonical form is shown and a Simulink model is used to estimate power consumption of a 15b design.

    John Bell (Univ. of Michigan), Michael P. Flynn (Univ. of Michigan)

    Received 15-Dec-2017

  • P092910 GRC Deliverable Report

    Report on the Study of Humidity and Temperature

    Research Report Highlight

    TxACE researchers at UT/Dallas report on a detailed investigation on the effects of temperature and humidity on the detection of CO2 concentrations using three different room temperature ionic liquid compounds.

    Edward W. Graef (UT/Dallas), Ashlesha Bhide (UT/Dallas), Badrinath Jagannath (UT/Dallas), Shalini Prasad (UT/Dallas)

    Received 8-Dec-2017

  • P092908 GRC Deliverable Report

    Annual Report for New Design Methodology for a 5G High-Efficiency RF PA in CMOS

    Hani Saleh (Khalifa University)

    Received 8-Dec-2017

  • P092890 GRC Deliverable Report

    Explore and Develop Low Noise Ring-based Fractional-N Synthesizers

    Research Report Highlight

    TxACE researchers at UIUC present a sub-buad-rate CDR that recovers 4 data bits each clock cycle. Results on a 65 nm prototype shows 15.2 Gbps from a 3.8 GHz clock, BER < 1e-12, JTOL corner > 10 MHz, 548 fs RSM clock jitter, and 1.9 pJ/b energy efficiency

    Dongwook Kim (UIUC), Pavan Kumar Hanumolu (UIUC)

    Received 3-Dec-2017

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