Signal Propagation in Dipole Coupled Nanomagnets for Logic Applications

  • Authors:
    David Carlton (UC/Berkeley), Brian Lambson (UC/Berkeley), Zheng Gu (UC/Berkeley), Scott Dhuey (UC/Berkeley), Li Gao (IBM), Brian Hughes (IBM), Deirdre Olynick (UC/Berkeley), Charles Rettner (IBM), Andreas Scholl (UC/Berkeley), Brian J. Youngblood (UC/Irvine), Anthony Young (UC/Berkeley), Ilya Krivorotov (UC/Irvine), Stuart Parkin (IBM), Jeffrey Bokor (UC/Berkeley)
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    1462.005 (University of California/Los Angeles)


As conventional Silicon-based transistors reach their scaling limits, novel devices for performing computations have emerged as alternatives to continue the improvements in information technology that have benefited society over the past 40 years. One candidate that has shown great promise recently is a device that performs logical computations using dipole coupled nanomagnets. In this paper, the researchers discuss recent advances that have led to a greater understanding of signal propagation in nanomagnet arrays. In particular, they highlight recent experimental work towards the imaging of a propagating magnetic cascade.

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