Nanomembrane β-Ga(2)O(3) High-Voltage Field Effect Transistors

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    Wan Sik Hwang (Univ. of Notre Dame), Amit Verma (Univ. of Notre Dame), Vladimir Protasenko (Univ. of Notre Dame), Sergei Rouvimov (Univ. of Notre Dame), Huili Xing (Univ. of Notre Dame), Alan C. Seabaugh (Univ. of Notre Dame), Wilfried Haensch (IBM), Chris Van de Walle (UC/Santa Barbara), Zbigniew Galazka (Liebniz Institute for Crystal Growth), Martin Albrecht (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth), Robert Fornari (Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth), Debdeep Jena (Univ. of Notre Dame)
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    1806.005 (University of Notre Dame)
    2383.003 (University of Notre Dame)


Nanomembrane high-voltage FETs with β -Ga2 O channels were fabricated and characterized for the first time. The large bandgap leads to a high on/off ratio. A flat interface between β -Ga2 O and SiO leads to a steep slope of ~ 150 mV/dec. The high breakdown field of β -Ga2 O allow significantly higher voltages to be applied to the drain, while still switching by orders of magnitude. Since β -Ga2 O has been found to have a rather poor thermal conductivity, nanoscale membranes might offer opportunities for efficient heat removal. Nanoscale membranes can also be self-depleted even when doped lightly, and thus form semi-insulating layers, which may make it possible to make FETs without controlled epitaxy. A primary challenge is the formation of ohmic contacts.

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