Surface and Interfacial Reaction Study of InAs(100)-crystalline Oxide Interface

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    Dmitry M. Zhernokletov (UT/Dallas), P. Laukkanen (University of Turku), Hong Dong (UT/Dallas), Rohit Galatage (UT/Dallas), Barry Brennan (UT/Dallas), Michael V. Yakimov (SUNY Albany), Jiyoung Kim (UT/Dallas), Serge Oktyabrsky (SUNY Albany), Robert M. Wallace (UT/Dallas)
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    1806.005 (University of Notre Dame)


A crystalline oxide film on InAs(100) is investigated with in situ monochromatic x-ray photoelectronspectroscopy (XPS) and low energy electron diffraction before and after in situ deposition of Al2O3 byatomic layer deposition (ALD) as well as upon air exposure. The oxidation process leads to arsenic andindium trivalent oxidation state formation. The grown epitaxial oxide-InAs interface is stable upon ALD reactor exposure; however, trimethyl aluminum (TMA) decreases oxidation states resulting in an unreconstructed surface. An increase in oxide concentration is also observed upon air exposure suggesting the crystalline oxide surface is unstable.

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